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Is Your Business Benefiting from Technology?

What percentage of your business would you say benefits from technology? If the answer is more than 50 percent, you are on the right road. If your answer is less than 50 percent, you have some work to do in 2017.

While some businesses eschew technology, for the most part, many others couldn’t survive without it. Technology such as the latest software to manage time appropriately, reach out to current and potential customers etc. are critical.

As this year winds down, now would be a good time to reassess how your business is (or isn’t) benefitting from technology. When all is said and done, you want to utilize technology as much as possible.

Technology and Your Business Needs

So that your business can benefit as much as possible from technology, do you know where to begin? Simply getting this and that software isn’t enough.

Do you know how best to use it? Will your employees effectively put it to use? How much money can you expect to spend on your technology needs? These are but a few of the questions you must be able to answer.

One of the best usages of technology is for time management. Whether opting for salon software for your business or another such product, the important thing is having the right software.

With the right technology in place, you can make sure your customers are keeping their appointments, meeting their bills in a timely manner etc. Such software also allows you to market your business more effectively, giving you a potential advantage over the competition.

How to Select the Best Technology

For you to effectively get the right technology in place for your business, do you know where to start?

First and foremost, make sure you thoroughly research each and every vendor you consider doing business with.

Among the keys to focus in on:
  1. How long the company has been in business;
  2. Is their technology superior to others in the same line of business? If so, you then will have to dig deeper as far as intangibles;
  3. Will you be getting a fair price for the technology you go with? If you’re a small business, your budgetary needs should always come into play;
  4. If you get one form or another of technology software now, how soon will it be outdated? You don’t want to go with a product or service that is going to essentially be old before you’ve truly had a chance to effectively use it.

Utilize Technology Throughout Your Business Model

Don’t get the idea that technology can (and should) only be used in one or two aspects of your business model. In fact, it can (and should) be used all over your business. For instance, you should use the latest apps and more to promote your brand on a daily basis.

From the content, you post on your blog to your mobile marketing efforts, cozy on up to technology. Also use technology when it comes to videos and podcasts, both of which are great brand promoters.

For videos, you should put together 60-second pieces (some can be a little longer) that accentuate how technology helps your products and/or services. Technology can highlight how your brand is a leader in your particular industry. From mobile marketing to utilizing a point-of-sale system (POS) for easier and faster customer transactions, the sky is the limit.

Podcasts are another tech marvel, something that more and more companies have turned to in recent years. With podcasts, you can better engage consumers, some of whom may not be aware of all your brand can offer them. The technology needed to do podcasts is not all that great, so don’t think doing these productions will be time-consuming and too hard to figure out.

Technology is Only Going to Expand

For any business owner not using all the different forms of technology available, he or she is basically missing out on a number of benefits. One of the greatest benefits of being a tech-driven business is that more consumers will view you as informative and authoritative in your respective industry.

When they do that, you are more likely to get them to open their wallets and purses. As a business owner, how are you utilizing technology to your benefit?