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Creating a Thriving & Famous Blog

When you create a successful blog, it solves people’s real problems. It brings out the best in them. They find great value in your content because it helps make their lives better. It either increases their level of pleasure or reduces some form of pain. Such smashing success brings in two things that most human beings would do anything for; money and fame.

But how do you create a famous blog that will earn you good money?

Start with a solid foundation

A good building should have a strong foundation. Your blog will be your online building. It will be the gateway through which people will get to know about your products and services. Remember that all the great bloggers you love started from scratch just like you.

Below are some things that you need to make sure of when getting started:
  • Start self-hosted: There are many free blogging platforms out there. However, they don’t give you the kind of functionality that you need. Look at your top 5 bloggers. Is any of them using a free blog? None is, right? Follow suit and go self-hosted from the beginning. This will allow you to do literally whatever you want with your blog without any limitations.
  • Use solid brands: Don’t just use any domain registrar, web host, email marketing provider among other services. Make sure you use solid brands. Since you want your blog to bring you money and fame, it is imperative to only use services that are bound to last and work seamlessly without causing unnecessary challenges. Some may cost you, but remain focused; sometimes you have to spend money to make even more money.
  • Use WordPress: There is no doubt that this is the current best blogging software/Content management system (CMS). It is very easy to install and use on your blog. It is also great for marketing since it integrates seamlessly with other services.
  • Ensure your blog looks like a masterpiece: Your design really matters. A beautiful, easy to navigate, attractive blog makes people want to stay on and read more from you. People easily get distracted online, therefore ensuring that everything is well-done and eye-catching gives you an edge over your competition.

Focus on other people’s needs

Many people assume that rich people only do things for money and personal gain. If this were the case, then no one would be buying from them. For people to constantly buy from you, you need to focus on them and their needs.

Your blog should, therefore, be created in a niche that is in high demand and profitable. This means that it should be a niche where people are constantly looking for solutions, and willing to pay for help if they have to. Look around and see what other bloggers are doing so that you can see what’s missing in the industry. Go as deep as possible in your research so that you uncover the worst challenges that people are going through.

Once you know what people are struggling with, create your content around this. Give great value so that people can actually gain from your blog. Start with a great monetization strategy, where you create a product that solves their deepest challenges, but with speed and even some form of automation if possible.

Promote heavily

People love great content. However, how will they know your content even exists? Make sure you market yourself as much as possible so that you can reach your target audience. Learn where they hang out and deliver your content to them, just the way they like it.

Mix up your digital marketing strategy. Since there is cut-throat competition online, it is best to appear to be everywhere where your audience hangs out i.e. on their emails, their favorite social media channels, search engines, banner ads and even guest posts on their favorite sites. This will ensure you get the best out of your marketing efforts.

Remain consistent

No one wants a one hit wonder. You should remain consistent in your blogging. Keep delivering great content for your readers. Create an excellent posting plan that grants them access to your content regularly. Let every article be as brilliant as the previous one so that you maintain your image.
Be the leader that they are desperately looking for. Make sure you assure, inform, correct and solve problems for your audience through your blog. Do not just follow what other gurus say. Air out your own unique thoughts. Let your strong personality come out through your content. Once people get used to your special way of bringing things out, they’ll always want to hear from you about everything new that happens in the industry.


To become a blogger who earns well and commands a lot of respect from the audience, you need to start strong, focus on people’s needs, promote heavily and remain consistent. These attributes will help you create the blog of your dreams.