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8 Tips on Creating Great Digital Signage Content

Digital signage continues to change the business landscape with newer technologies being used to make it even more functional. Everywhere you look today there is digital display advertising both big and small brands. This is one of the most visible forms of marketing, and its effectiveness continues making it more popular. With advances in digital technologies, today’s digital sign boards are more appealing and flexible to maintain.

Myriad Benefits of Digital Signage

Digital signage has to be the most versatile advertising tool in contemporary marketing. If you are looking to increase your brand’s visibility it is time to talk to a digital signage software provider. This tool is easily visible and can be used for multiple business communication needs. From weather updates, promotions, new products to customer service, digital signage can do it all.

These displays also help to reduce operational costs and provide excellent customer service. It is easy to update your content, and with technical support from your software developer, you are assured your displays are working all the time. You can also manage your content remotely making it the most convenient marketing tool available. Digital signage provides 47.7% effectiveness for branding.

Creating Digital Signage Content

While digital signage is highly effective, the content you display determines how well your marketing campaigns will work. Content creation is a lot of fun if you have the right skills, but the effectiveness of the campaign also largely depends on the digital signage templates you choose. When preparing your content, ensure you consider these design rules:
  • Simple does it: Keep the font styles simple and always stick to one font for the design.
  • Play with the colors: Your color choices should reflect your business and they must be used to create a similar experience.
  • Focus on contrast: Make sure your message is not lost due to clutter on your website. Good contrast improves the legibility of your display.
  • Preview: Before you are done with your design, focus on areas where your eye tends to go to first and make sure you put the most important information there.
With these general rules, you are now ready to create digital signage content for your displays. Here are some important tips to consider:

1. Leverage Display Content Creation Tools

There are many content creation tools out there for your digital signage. These great design tools are easy to use and they can be accessed from anywhere. Some of the most important tools include Prezi, Canva, Photoshop, VSCO, Stock Images, Magisto, PowerPoint or Google Slides, WebPages, among others.

2. Know Your Audience and Acknowledge them

Every digital signage campaign has a target audience and you need to research keenly to understand what they like. The content is easy to post and edit and you must leverage these features to let your customers know you are interested in their presence. If you have a restaurant, share their testimonials and appreciate regulars when they walk in. The idea is to build customer loyalty by making them feel part of your business. Keep thanking your customers on your displays and surprise them with innovative offers.

3. Customize Your Content

If you are creating content for multiple screens make sure you consider the context. A screen that is next to a waiting line can be used to display content that is text-rich. This takes a time to read. At the checkout area, you need content that grabs attention. Consider what the customer is doing at a specific place in your store to determine which content to display there.

4. Keep it Fresh Always

Your display content has to be dynamic and you need to regularly refresh it. Your target audience does not want to see the previous day’s weather alert on your digital signage. If you had a happy hour promotion the previous day make sure that content is refreshed once the deal is over. More importantly, leverage the power of live video, animations, social media feeds as more customers are attracted to dynamic content as opposed to static images.

5. Localize Your Content

You must avoid generic content at all costs. If you are displaying at a local store, make sure you have content that is unique to the area. If you have sports updates, for instance, make sure they are about the local teams. Weather updates must reflect the area your displays are located. The background of your visual content must reflect your different locations where the displays are showing. With most digital content software, it is possible to organize your content based on location.

6. Branding is Key

Your displays must reflect your brand as much as possible. Your target audience needs to know whose display they are looking at through your brand name, logos, taglines, color themes and other features. It is now possible to integrate social media into your digital signage by promoting your hashtags on these displays. Make sure the hashtags reflect the brand for easier recognition.

7. High-Quality Video and Images

There are many digital displays at every corner. If you really want people to notice you, you have to invest in the highest quality images and video content. You are competing with the best brands in the world and you must captivate viewer’s attention through high-quality photos. There are high-quality resolution displays that can turn your content into the most amazing advertising tool.

8. Call to Action (CTA)

This is one of the most ignored features of digital display content. A call to action directs your target audience to some form of action which will promote your business. For instance, if you have an ongoing promotion at your restaurant, a display must have the details on how customers can take advantage of the same. Always have your contacts and encourage viewers to get in touch. If you want your content to be shared, go ahead and encourage viewers to share your hashtags or images.
The idea of creating content for digital signage is to ensure the target audience’s attention is immediately captured. Your brand must be visible and a call to action (CTA) should advise viewers what to do. If you are giving a discount, let the numbers scream from the display.

Author Bio

Harry Samuel is a Tampa-based digital signage content designer with over 16 years in digital marketing solutions. He has worked across many businesses and public organizations. He is a regular speaker at digital marketing events across the country.