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5 Reasons Why You Need to Hire an SEO Expert

Search engine optimization is necessary to ensure a good rank on SERP and get noticed by the web users. However, according to a study, more than 50% users only check the top 10 results for a search query and if your website does not appear in that list, the chance of bringing traffic to your website is very poor. Bringing a website on the first page of Google search has always been difficult, but now with the constant changes made by Google in its search algorithm made the task even more difficult.

No matter whether you own a famous company or just launched a start-up, the days of DIY SEO is over. You must hire a competent SEO professional to take care of the on-page and off-page optimization responsibilities. Let’s find out the advantages you can enjoy by hiring a veteran search engine optimization expert.

Knowledge and expertise: Someone with proper knowledge in SEO will understand the current situation of your website; do proper scrutiny of your existing on-page and off-page strategies, make the necessary changes and help you set on a path to success. He will explain his plans to you and give you a deadline to meet the goals. He will also communicate with programmers and content writers to make sure that everyone works as a central team to bring the site on top of SERP.

Save time: If you ever tried your hands in SEO then you must know that it is a time-consuming task. You can’t just post a guest blog or upload one web page content and think that your job is done! SEO is a regular process. Be it keyword research or social media promotion, you have to invest hours every day to clear the clutter and try to gain Google’s attention. It is not possible for a company owner to devote so much time on web page optimization and thus by hiring an SEO expert you can utilize your time in other vital aspects of your business.

Cost effective: You may ask that if you hire an SEO agency you may need to pay them thousands of dollars per month whereas if you take care of SEO, it is free! Valid argument, but will you be able to bring traffic to your site without experience and right skills? DIY SEO may be free, but it also offers nothing in return. On the contrary, when you hire a team of SEO professionals or a freelance SEO expert, you get the return on investment. After all, what is better? Spending nothing and earning nothing or spending $1000 on SEO and selling products worth $5000?

Making changes at the right time: As I have mentioned before Google unleashes search algorithm updates very frequently and many websites witness a huge loss in revenue due to these updates. For example, last month Google released Possum update which affected the local search results significantly. Now, unless you modify your SEO strategy quickly, such updates can penalize your website. By hiring an SEO expert you can stay away from troubles and keep your website up to date as per Google’s latest SEO guidelines.

Result analysis: Last but not the least, a reputed SEO firm will provide you reports about your website’s progress. If you spent $500 for SEO, $500 for PPC, and $500 for SMM in a month, then they will tell you exactly how many customers each method brought and what was the ROI. You will not only get to know the rank of your website for targeted keywords, but also the conversion rate for those keywords. You get to learn which pages are visited mostly by the web surfers and also a list of web pages that witnessed maximum bounce rate. So, basically, you get a monthly progress status and observe your website going one step high at a time.


When you pay someone to do a job, he is answerable to you. You can call the SEO guy any time and ask him to do something that is necessary for the betterment of your website. If your website is not going up on SERP, he is responsible to explain why things are not going to the right direction and what he plans to do for making things better. The SEO professional you hire is at your service throughout the day and he works hard to increase the profitability of your online business.