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Hindware DreamBath : World’s First Bathroom Visualization Application

Technology has reached our homes, to embellish them, reinvent them and decorate them. We are talking about a unique visualization app, 'Dream Bath', which is a product of Hindware and aims at converting our bathrooms.

This app is a great product of virtual reality being put to use to produce something worthy for its customers. In simple terms, virtual reality is a creation of a virtual environment that is taken up by our senses in such a way that they actually perceive the objects as real and we experience a near reality through eyes of technology. Virtual Reality uses various technologies to achieve the goal of targeting our perception and cognitive skills.

Hindware, a company that has been a brand choice for over five decades for its innovative product offerings in bathroom space, has taken a step forward and given us an example of virtual reality to help its customers build a bathroom space of their choice.

Hindware has tapped the gap by understanding that customers’ biggest challenge lies in visualizing their bathroom before they buy the right products. The app aims at instilling confidence in customers by providing them the flexibility to choose the best products that are best suited for their bathroom before making a buying decision. Styling or remodeling a bathroom is thus made easy as a customer already knows about his choice before actually buying it.

Dream Bath is a virtual reality app showcasing 24 unique bathroom themes along with an exquisite product catalog of Hindware. The app, with the help of augmented reality, assists the customer in visualizing how a product might look in their bathroom space before they indulge into buying the product.

Along with virtual reality and an entire product catalog, the app is GPS enabled to help customers locate their nearest Hindware store and get in touch with dealers. The app also lets one get inspiration from bathroom designs around the globe, get tips from industry experts and get in touch with Hindware customer care for support.

The app is available to download for Apple and Android users.


Dream Bath, is a great initiative by Hindware to help customers get their personalized bathroom space. The virtual reality space is a very meaningful step by Hindware to incorporate technology into their business and create a great value to its customers where customers can envision their bathroom spaces.

From inspirations to designs to access to their product catalog this app is of great use when one wants to reimagine the bathroom space. Moreover, Hindware has put technology to a great use to increase and retain its user base.