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Cisdem ContactsMate 3 : Organize Your Contacts with Ease

Let us start off with a simple question, how many contacts do you have in your address book? A hundred or thousand plus? Well, managing those thousands of contacts manually is not a gratifying process. Removing duplicates, fetching each and every picture from social network website, managing contacts from each smartphone, tablet, Mac and linking multiple numbers of the same contact manually will give anyone a chill down the spine.

Well, people are smart enough and they have organizations that build tools and applications to ease the processes that we had always wished to be automated.

Cisdem ContactsMate 3 is one such application that becomes our personal assistant in managing our contact book from all OS X devices in a single place. It doesn’t manage multiple address books rather it syncs contacts from multiple OS X devices, applications and address books and manages them in a single place via a common dashboard.

Let us have a quick overview of few of its highly commendable features that turn this application to a lifesaver.

The Simplistic Interface

The first and foremost thing we seek in any application is the simplicity. Nobody wants to have a fight with an application to figure out how it conducts what it promises. Well, Cisdem ContactsMate 3 did not put in any jeopardy of how we shall go about managing our contacts. The user interface is very clean, straight forward and a sight to the eye. On selecting, it clearly displays all information relating to contacts which include details of name, contact numbers, birthday, company, email addresses and any other information linked to the contact.

Fixing Contacts

Not only listing contacts is easy, Cisdem ContactsMate 3, does its primary job with quite a simplicity. With a single click, the tool will accurately fetch you duplicate contacts and fix them with no requirement of manual intervention.

Managing Contacts

Cisdem ContactsMate 3 has a dedicated Contact Manager that is a single alternate to all your multiple address books. It provides functions such as merging and syncing contacts from various sources like cloud and OS devices. This being the master address book, you don’t have to manage your accounts separately, and it also syncs in real time including operations like a batch fix, manually setting suffix and prefix, and support for OSX 10.11 EI Captain.


Well, Cisdem ContactsMate 3 knows that they are your address books and your contacts so the full control should be yours. It gives the flexibility to merge, update, group, export, backup contacts in various formats and play with your address book in whatever fashion you wish to.

With an excellent searching performance of over ten thousand contacts and so many useful features Cisdem ContactsMate 3 should be a must have on an OS device to keep your desk clean, managed and safe because losing contacts should not be an option. So, if you need a real savior of your contacts you can buy it from Cisdem's website.