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Why America Needs Tax Professionals [InfoGraphic]

There are more online degrees to choose from today thanks to courses and programs from different University. The best universities are embracing distance learning and making their online courses easily accessible. For those wanting to pursue a master’s degree, this means more choices when it comes to majors and fields.

A Master of Science in Taxation is a degree worth considering for two main reasons. According to recent studies, the demand for tax professionals is increasing by the day. There are over 140 million individual tax returns filed each year and more than 40% of individual tax payers need the help of tax professionals in preparing their returns.

The second reason is the fact that taxation careers are very rewarding. They are far from the stressful and dull jobs we imagine them to be. If you’re intrigued by this fact, you can find out more from Why America Needs Tax Professionals by Northeastern University.