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4 Important Benefits of Wi-Fi for the Enterprise

In a 2013 survey for Hotelchatter.com, 94% of the respondents cited Wi-Fi as the most important amenity in society today. The advancement in Wi-Fi technologies helped improve public services, enabling healthcare facilities to provide better clinical services, allowing police and other uniformed personnel to achieve quicker response times, and enabling the general public to benefit from the efficient spread of information through social media.

As more people become connected online, the demand for easier access to the Internet and improved broadband services also increases. In the last 5 years, more and more enterprises have also begun investing in wireless broadband solutions for their businesses. Here are four major reasons why.

Customer Satisfaction

Wi-Fi has become society’s newest addiction, as people require it in most of their daily transactions. Some reports even say that people are grumpier when they don’t have access to Wi-Fi for more than a week, essentially becoming like a new “cigarette” that people use to keep their moods in perfect balance. Customers are so used to being online all the time that they expect most types of businesses— whether coffee shops, malls, laundry services, or restaurants—to offer free Wi-Fi. They demand this access in exchange for their loyalty to your business. Moreover, offering complimentary Wi-Fi also minimizes customer frustrations connected to service-related delays, setbacks, or long periods of “wait time.”

Increases Workers’ Productivity

Wi-Fi access makes it easier for employees to shift their time between work and personal activities. Instead of leaving their workstations to place a call, they can send a quick message via their favorite social media app to their loved ones. The Wi-Fi network in the office also allows an employee to use his laptop or mobile phone to gain immediate access to important resources they need to do their jobs. Workers can also double their productivity by cutting back on time spent researching information needed at work.

Higher Revenue

One of the biggest advantages of offering free wireless broadband solutions is the impact it has on the revenue of a business. Having complimentary Wi-Fi gives you an edge over nearby competitors who don’t offer the same service. Because of this, customers are likely choose your business establishment, resulting in an increase in foot traffic that also equates to higher sales. Having Wi-Fi within your business premises also makes your customers want to stay longer. Studies show that customers who stay for long periods of time inside bars, restaurants, or coffee shops spend more money purchasing food and beverages when they are offered free and fast Wi-Fi.

Aids Customers in Making Decisions

People have grown dependent on Google and other search engines to answer their most basic day-to-day questions. Shopping is one activity that involves a lot of decision making. Customers appreciate being able to do online research and shop at the same time. Boutique stores and malls that offer Wi-Fi access provide shoppers the chance to browse and compare product costs in real time. This can lead to more sales, especially when the shop is offering competitive prices.

Personalized Marketing and Better Customer Service

Wi-Fi access can also help you keep better track of your customers. You can create a good picture of what your usual customers are like by looking into how frequently they visit and log in to your complimentary Wi-Fi service. Wi-Fi can also be used as a marketing tool, as business establishments can offer wireless connectivity in exchange for customers’ email addresses. The mailing list you’ll create can be used to send out advertising emails, discount codes, loyalty rewards, and other incentives, possibly increasing the chances of customers returning to your establishment. You can also email specialized notes to thank customers or greet them during their birthdays or special holidays.

While investing in a reliable wireless broadband solution may add to your expenses, its benefits and advantages far outweigh its costs. Since most business establishments are now considering offering complimentary Wi-Fi access to their customers, it would be a big mistake for your company to be left behind. Instead of treating it as a luxury, business owners should consider Wi-Fi as an integral part of their enterprise. Investing in a fast and dependable wireless connection shows your customers that you are serious with your business and that you are worth their loyal patronage.