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4 Tips For Tech Nerds Seeking Jobs

Can you guess how many so-called tech nerds pay much attention to personal branding and self-marketing when it comes to IT job search? Actually, not so many, and it does not even sound surprising. In fact, the reason why technicians are so far removed from making their skills sellable is not because of their ‘non-creative’ way of thinking, but rather because they tend to emphasize more on their superior skills and roles, completed IT projects and any other operational aspects of their job.

Surely, such outstanding accomplishments will be hundred times beneficial than any other of your qualifications. But in order to get your foot in the door of a prospective employer who will be ready to offer you a well-paid tech position, this wouldn’t be enough. Most importantly, you have to convince your potential employer that your candidature will substantially contribute to his business and revenues. For those like you, here are several job-hunting tips:

1. Upgrade your resume

Writing a resume application is one of the most challenging tasks out of all, especially for technicians that are not usually into anything related to writing. Fortunately, if you are one of such people, you can apply to the top rated resume writing services and get your resume written by proficient writers. Not only does this option save your time, but is a wonderful investment in a more successful job search. Sounds great, huh? You can also use a resume maker and build the resume yourself.

Nevertheless, if you prefer to do things on your own, during the resume writing process, don’t forget the following:
  • In the skills and experience paragraphs include bullet points to make your application easy-readable. Separate bullet points make it easier to scan the data about your numerous projects or accomplishments.
  • Search in Google for most relevant keywords to your job industry and specialization. All paragraphs of your resume should have those buzzwords to be easily scanned by special software.
  • Stick to the page limit. Usually, resumes do not exceed the length of 1 page, which means the content should be brief as much as possible. However, it’s entirely possible that some experienced and skillful applicants would need 2 pages to list down their information.

2. Make a deep research on most perspective companies

Whatever job industry you are in the fact remains: you find the job – not the job finds you. Well, ok, in some cases, this works exactly the opposite way but it’s rather an exception. Your goal is trying to look for an IT job posting from most prospective employers everywhere you can, whether it’s an online job search portal or a trade press.

You may even turn to social media communities and learn first-hand which directions for the development to opt for to become more demanded on the IT specialists’ market.

3. Optimize your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is, by the way, one of those cases when you can be offered a job or at least receive an invitation to the interview without having to send your resume to thousands of companies and anticipate the response.

More than 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn for finding suitable candidates. Sounds compelling? Then, start working on your LinkedIn profile to make it more visible and professionally looking. Your page should represent your main resume points. Just like in your application, don’t forget about power words.

And most importantly, create a powerful and outstanding LinkedIn summary. If you have an opportunity to receive recommendations from authoritative people (either your former boss or colleagues), don’t hesitate the chance because recruiters like going through recommendations and endorsements.

Useful note: other than LinkedIn, you have to pay a great attention to your online image in the other social media networks. It’s no secret that your Facebook should never contain some offensive or provocative posts and comments. Herewith, delete or at least hide pictures that may not characterize to a nicety.

4. Prepare yourself fundamentally for the interview

Make sure that you know how to prepare for an interview. Knowing what you're saying is far beneficial when you have an interview to land that perfect job. You never know what kind of data your interview would be interested to hear from you. Most likely, he would like to know more about your accomplishments.

The best way to represent such data is to state quantities. For instance, your project has helped the company increase its revenues in several times and you state down how much exactly the company managed to earn after. Therefore, prepare such kind of information so that you don’t have to think of the facts or spend time remembering them.