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How Technology Help Farmers In Growing Crops

Technology has touched each and every aspect of the human life now whether its medical science or education, sports or photography, living or farming each and every aspect of life is related to technology. Every year hundreds of modern equipments keep coming in the markets making life and work easier and better than before.

You may see a person using a particular for doing a work in 2017 but then you will see the same person using totally different equipment to do the same job in less time span. The field of farming has changed a lot in the last 5 years due to so many new and modern equipments coming in the markets making the work of farmers easier and helping them earn more profit.

Farmers are no longer using primitive methods to cultivate and harvest the crops in their farms as the modern machines built with the latest technology have taken place of the old tough and time consuming methods of cultivation and harvesting. You may be surprised to know that farming began way back in 10,000 BC by humans and is still going on since then. So here are the top 5 machines and equipments that are a gift of technology to the world of farming.

1) Combined Harvesting Machines

These are probably the best inventions in the field of farming in this century as these mean machines perform 3 tasks together. These tasks are reaping the crop, threshing it in the thresher and then winnowing it as well. There are some machines where there is a place where you can actually store the ready grains of wheat, rice, lentils, corn, barley and so many other crops as well.

These are those machines that complete a farmer’s work for week in just one day. These machines have low maintenance costs and are really high yielding ones. The waste from these harvesting machines is left back on the field and they dry up and become manure for the land making it even more fertile and ready for the next season. Bigger and better machines are available as well for heavier crops like potatoes and other vegetables that grow above the ground.

2) Separators

These are very useful machines where the crops in raw form are directly bought and put into the separator and the result is that you get only the pure crop here as all the unwanted things are separated here in this machine. Crops are actually bought with a lot of mud dirt and stones in it that come along with them so they are put on to vibrating conveyor belts that vibrate continuously separating the mud and stones from the crops.

Then from the conveyor belt they come to the washing section where water is sprayed on the crops and they become clean of the remaining unwanted particles as well. Almost all the vegetables and fruits are processed in farms using this method as this is the most successful and widely used method till now.

3) Crop Sprayers

These are basically of two types the first one is a permanent fixed system where the sprayers are installed all through the length and breadth of the farmland. Whenever there is need of water in the farm the sprays are activated and water is sprayed all over the farm which satisfies the need of water in farm and helps in growth of crops. There are a lot of things that can be sprayed through these systems like fertilizers as well.

Then there are machines as well with which water and other fertilizing liquids can be sprayed on a large scale on the lands where there is a need these are huge machines meant for huge farmlands where these can move freely without harming the crops. Both of the methods are highly technological and proved to be very good for crops.

4) Tiller Tractors

The Tiller Tractors are also huge and unique machines from top brand tractors. That are very helpful for the process of tilling lands. This is the toughest part of farming where the farmer has to till the land and make it soft so that he can sow seeds to grow crops there. This is one of the longest and strenuous processes that each and every farmer has to go through.

These machines are designed in such a way that they can easily till lands that are hard as here it’s the Horsepower inside the engine that pulls the tiller frames on the farms creating adequate softness for the land that will help the seeds to grow.

These machines came as a life saver for thousands of farmers in the country who used to work really hard even during summers when the sun used to scorch them bitterly. Thanks to technology now a lot of farmers do not have strokes because of long hours in the sun.

5) Scare crow machines

This is a little funny yet very useful as these scare crow machines work in a weird way. Some are actually programmed in such a way that they shake themselves suddenly as a crow sits on them by mistake. There are scare crow machines as well that make blast noises at regular intervals to keep the crows off from destroying the plants. These are very cheap and available in many stores all across the country.

Thus these are the 5 topmost machines that are a gift of technology to farmers and have made their lives better.