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Effective Tips to Gain Instagram Followers [Info-Graphic]

In today’s fast-paced generation, social media platforms have become one of the best channels for digital marketing. The likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media platforms, see a lot of online traffic and people use these platforms to look for products and services. This is why businesses and brands leverage the social media platforms to reach their digital marketing goals.

The latest social media platform to be added in the list that businesses use for marketing is Instagram. Launched in October 2010, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platform and has almost more than 400 million active users every month. It’s basically a photo and video sharing social media platform which witnesses more than 80 million photos and videos uploaded in a day.

If used correctly, Instagram can be a used as a great visual advertising channel for your brand. A recent study has concluded that Instagram provides businesses and brands with 25% more audience engagement than other social media platforms. This is a clear indication that Instagram can act as a prime channel to build your business and brand.

To succeed in Instagram marketing, a business or a brand requires a large number of followers. However, if you’re new to Instagram then chances are that you don’t have many followers. Thankfully, there are some simple steps that anyone can use to gain followers on Instagram.

Here are the steps that you could follow to ensure the online audience Insta follow your brand or business:

Focus on what your profile needs to be

Before doing anything else, make sure that you know how your Instagram account should look like and what should it focus on. You must be clear about your goals and stick to them after creating an Instagram account. It's recommended that you research about the target audience based on their location and other criteria to get clearer about what you need.

Create your account and make it look great

After you’ve picked a clear focus for your Instagram account, create your Instagram account. If you’re creating an Instagram account for your brand then it’s recommended that you use the name of the brand as the account name and use the brand logo as its profile picture. This will make sure that the people who come across your account will recognize the brand easily.

It’s recommended that you use a very informative description, which could give the audience an idea about what your brand or business is all about. Descriptions add a great charm to your Instagram profile and are an important part of your Instagram profile.

Leverage the hashtags

Hashtags are metadata tags that are used in Instagram to make it easier for the users to find photos or videos with a specific theme or content. You can use these hashtags in your photos or videos to reach a wider range of Instagram audience. Hashtagging properly to your photos and videos will ensure that the people looking for those specific terms will automatically get to see your account and the photo or video.

You can use sites like Websta and Iconsquare to know about the most searched hashtags in different domains and you can use them in your photos. This will increase your Instagram account traffic and help you gain more followers. But, make sure the hashtags relate to the posts and relevant to your business or brand. You can also create your own business hashtag to make people aware of your brand.

Attract the Instagram audience through quality posts

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” As this popular saying goes, use the influence of intriguing photos and videos to attract the audience to your profile and brand. It’s recommended that the photos or the videos that you upload are customer centric and are relevant to the products and services that you offer.

All the photos or videos that you upload should be of high quality and must capture the essence of audience. You can also use the filters provided in Instagram to make your photos more interesting for people. It’s seen that the Instagram community responds to certain types of filters more than others, use these filters to lure the audience.

Use the newly introduced Instagram stories to get followers

Instagram stories have created a great stir since their introduction. They’re fun and are a great way to form meaningful connections with your audience, as they give you a chance to be suggested or recommended by Instagram. You can make engaging and targeted content as stories and get recommended by Instagram. The better the stories are, the more the audience you get.

Post regularly and at the right time

Once you are up and going in Instagram, It’s really important to keep your audience engaged otherwise there are chances of losing the followers. This is why it’s recommended to post photos or videos regularly in your Instagram account, which will keep your followers interested and you can not only retain the followers but can also add new followers.

You should also consider the timing that you post in, because there are certain times when your target audience are most active. Posting content at that time will ensure that your post gets maximum views and your Instagram account gets wider reach. You can use websites, like IconoSqure to analyze your posting history and the best times of the day when your content gets the highest traffic.

Run contests

Instagram contests are a fun and easy way to promote your brand in Instagram. Contests act as great audience pullers and they provide an easy way for your Instagram account to get exposure, which in turn increases the chances of you getting more followers.

These are some of the simple and effective techniques that you can use to build strong Insta follow strategy. If you succeed in executing all these tips in your Instagram profile, then chances are your brand will get the required audience in a very short amount of time.