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Innovative Ideas to Enhance On-Page SEO Strategy [Info-Graphic]

People blog for a lot of different reasons, you might start blogging to let the whole world learn more about your irresistible passion in cooking, traveling, writing, or others. A research indicates that more than 172,800 blogs are created every day, that’s two blogs every second. It might be almost impossible to win over your competitors without professional help from experienced digital marketing firms.

It’s not easy to make your blog appear on the first page of the search engines with so many blogs and website in the digital world. However, it’s more difficult to make your company’s website to appear in the first pages of Google and other search engines in a highly competitive digital landscape. Most companies choose professionals to optimize their web page to reach the top spot in the search engines.

Most SEO professionals will realize it’s not easy to break into the top ten on Google without a set strategy. You’re left with two options when you optimize your website – on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO deals with what you do on your website, while off-page SEO is all about what you do off your website to increase your site’s traffic and rank better in Google.

Here’s a list of six on-page SEO strategies and techniques to help your SEO efforts, especially, if it’s a new website:

1. Creative page titles to attract audience and potential customers

It’s crucial to have a creative page title to pull more people to visit your site more frequently and read your content. Make sure that each of your web pages has unique titles with the main keywords; this will help your page to rank better in search engines for a particular keyword.

You must speak the language of the search engines to improve your stances of appearing the first page of the search engines. If your article talks about the benefits of solo ride, it’s recommended that you include “solo ride benefits” or “benefits of solo ride” in your post’s title. This will help you to improve the chances of search engines to show your page when someone searches for particular keywords, like benefits of solo ride.

2. Keep your user engaged with brilliant content

A website will perform better in the search engines with or without optimizing when there’s good content, it’s important to focus on posting good quality content. Are you wondering what’s good content? A lot goes into creating good content, like originality, usefulness, and in-depth research. Most SEO professional suggest you for long articles rather than the short ones to rank better in the search engines.

It’s important to remember two things when you post articles frequently on your website – make sure the content is fresh and stick to a publishing strategy. It wouldn’t make sense to write articles that don’t interest people; your content must shake users by their shoulder to make them read it. You must cover both sides of the story to make your content unbiased and reach a lot of people.

3. The URL structure of your website

Google and other search engines give you additional points for user-friendly websites rather than the ones with poor user interface. The URL structure of your website plays a vital role in on-page SEO, URL structure includes permanent links, categories, and others that enhance the user interface of your website.

Permanent links are unique URL of each page, it will be ideal to have URLs less than 255 characters and includes hyphens to separate different parts. The best example of a good permanent link will look like https://www.xyzcompany.com/seo-tutorial-for-beginners/, while a bad one might look like https://www.xyzcompany.com /p?167.

Your website user might have a tough time when you don’t categorize them into groups, search engine bots will face the same difficulty when the posts are uncategorized. You’ll have a tough time searching a warehouse with a lot of uncategorized items, while your life will be made hassle-free with categorized ones.

4. Speed and multiplatform usage does matter

A recent study indicates that more than 60% of the Google searches are coming from mobile devices, it’s a given that you must optimize your content to match mobile platforms. You might be missing out on more than 50% of your traffic if you don’t optimize your content for mobile platforms. Furthermore, it’s recommended that you accelerate the mobile pages to make your site mobile friendly.

Google is trying all means possible to provide its user with the best speed to avoid any lags and encourage website owners to enhance their speed. The speed of your site is taken into consideration when you page is ranked by Google and other search engines. You’ll improve the chances of your page to be listed in the first few pages of Google when you improve your website’s speed.

5. Internal linking

Internal linking plays an important role in optimizing your website, search engine bot crawls your site and follows the links in them. Most people tend to read a page and exit when they don’t have links that point to other pages on your site. It’s preferable to link every page of your website with your other web pages for people and search engines to find them easily.

Professional SEO firms to help your business grow

The digital landscape has transformed a lot in the past few years, but search engine optimization (SEO) remains as a crucial marketing strategy. You must keep yourself updated with the changing trends to turn your SEO marketing campaign into digital powerhouse.

Most web owners don’t have sufficient time or skill set to optimize their websites; you can always go for a trusted Abbotsford SEO to get the job done for you. Professional SEO firms have the necessary skill set and experience to optimize your website move up the ladder in the search engines. This will help your clients and potential customers to purchasing your products and services without a second thought.