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How to Create a Business Magazine

Even in today’s world, the prevalence and appeal of print media shouldn’t be underestimated. In fact, it could be argued that a much tougher playing field where magazines have to compete with online offerings leads to a higher quality output. The field of business lends itself perfectly to the magazine format and starting one is a great way to network and show off your own skills and expertise. Below are some tips for getting your business magazine off the ground.

Think Carefully About Your Title

The front cover of a magazine usually contains a large image and text that advertise the main story of the issue and draw the reader in. After taking this in, the eyes of your potential reader will then glance up to the title of your magazine and their immediate impressions can be the difference between purchasing and not purchasing. As your magazine grows and your popularity increases having a title that is easy to remember and sticks in the mind is a great way to make sure your magazine makes a lasting impression.

Choose a Front Cover That Will Draw Attention

Every issue of your magazine should feature and article that will receive the bulk of the attention, and this article should dominate your cover. Think of a tagline for the article that is different to the headline of the article and make this prominent beside a relevant image. The viewer's eye is naturally drawn to the top and center of the page so the most interesting elements should be positioned with this in mind. The masthead is the title of your magazine and can either be positioned in front of your cover photo or behind it. There are no set rules for this and it is up got you to decide what kind of aesthetic you’re going for.

Invest in the Right Software

Choosing the right software to design your magazine is an important first step. Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard for image manipulation and for touching up photographs that appear in your magazine. You want to make sure that your source images are of the highest available quality, especially if you plan to do any editing. Low quality images will distort easily with a few, even minor, modifications. If you can, you should look for RAW images which consist of light information rather than an image and can be modified extensively without any loss in quality.

Use Online Space as Well

Having a website for your magazine is important and it should offer more than just basic information. Try offering visitors a taste of what to expect from your magazine and offer them some samples of articles that appear in your publication. Adobe Spark is another very useful Adobe product that allows you to produce professional looking visual content and can really bring your online articles to life.

The most important ingredient of a successful magazine is your passion and drive. The right software will definitely help you produce a more professional looking product, but it is ultimately the content that will make or break your venture.