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Mobile Apps – Tips to Get Them Ranked in SERPs

Sellers and other retail brands can now benefit from the new ability for the Google organic search engine to rank their mobile apps. Some reputable brands on the web can now see the links to their apps on the first page of Google just like the local listings, web listings and other parameters for ranking.

The seoanalytics.pro experts can help you get your app URLs to start climbing the ranking meter within a short time. Indeed, this will open all new opportunities once they rank on the first page of Google SERPs. The tips below will come in handy when designing the app.

Prominently feature the brand name on the app

There is no doubt that the brand name will also be used as the anchor text for the link in the Android market and App store alike. The beauty of allowing this to be so is that the link equity has an impact in higher ranking of the app. SEO experts also advise that it is crucial to use the brand name URL for the download page.

Link the app profile page from home page

One can build the landing page for apps that is totally dedicated to the app and includes reviews, screenshots and other features just to mention but a few. However, make sure that this page has links from those powerful pages of your site so that Google can keep a tab on this. All this revolves around the art of making link equity using the most powerful pages to direct to your app download page.

Let the brand name feature on the link directing to app download page

As a company looking forward to having your app rank high, do not make a mistake of not using the brand name on the link directing to the app download page. Many companies have lost it here, and you may not be an exception. It plays a role in signaling the Google ranking checkers that this link is all about the brand name and not just any other. Companies that have missed this opportunity may still have an opportunity to rectify it through an SEO expert.

Include a QR code for downloading the app on the landing page

Nowadays, the technology has gone this far. People can just scan a QR code and download an app directly without typing the links. So, one needs to give the site’s visitors an easy time by letting then use the QR code. As the owner, ensure you compress the link prior to code generation. Using the QR platform, which will indicate the requests for bot crawl, is the best idea. The QR will be used as a ranking parameter by Google in the near future.

Promote the app to searchers and mobile users

With numerous traffic in need to get an easy way to your app or web pages, this magic will work perfectly. Ensure they know and use all the links to the web and to the app as well. Additionally, the smartphone Googlebot needs to be at work on the app links.