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Simplify Your Marketing Workflow With a Single View Dashboard

Take the Next Step for a Clear and Holistic Customer Focus

Single Customer View provides complete and simplified information, allowing you to understand your customers and meet their needs better than ever.

These days, organisations accumulate more customer data than ever before. It comes from all manner of directions – orders, purchases, marketing communications, social media engagement, email exchanges, online reviews and many more.

For many companies, all this information is gathered and stored by different systems in different locations. Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to gather all that information in one place to collate, analyse and draw value-adding insights about your customers and their behaviour?

This is exactly what can be achieved by a single customer view dashboard. It provides your business with a single repository for every facet of customer knowledge, to give you unprecedented information as to who they are, how they behave and, most importantly, what you might be able to do to retain and grow your business with them.

What sort of information?

From basic contact details to browsing and conversion information, you might be surprised at just how much data there is to work with. Even the most basic contact details are more complex than they used to be. You might have the customer's address, telephone and email address on a spreadsheet, but how about their Twitter ID, LinkedIn profile and Skype address?

Then there is the wide variety of digital marketing data to consider – how regularly do they visit your site, where do they spend most time, and how often do they actually buy something? Do they then leave a review? Or share news of their purchase on Facebook? These are just a few examples of the information that can be drawn together at your fingertips through a single view dashboard.

What are the Benefits?

There’s a raft of benefits the system can bring, both directly and indirectly. In the first place, the financial savings from a rationalised customer database can be immense in terms of reducing the money wasted on unnecessary and duplicate communication. It will also improve your company image if you know you are sending your communications to an up to date and accurate set of customers who actually want them.

Your single customer view also gives you visibility of what your clients are interested in, allowing you to develop targeted cross-selling and up-selling marketing campaigns that will realise a far better return on investment.

A tailored service is not just about targeting your campaigns for the greatest success, it also means you can communicate in a way that will result in happier customers. By understanding who a specific customer is and how often he engages with your business, you can be selective as to how often you reach out and tailor your communications in a far more personal way.

This means you can refer to previous purchases, past conversations and even complaints that have been successfully resolved. It all leads to a more personal customer experience, in what is often thought to be a “dehumanised” age.

A More Efficient Organisation

Finally, a single view dashboard makes for better and more efficient internal processes – the time that can be wasted, first manually entering customer information into multiple databases, and then searching the various systems trying to find it again, can be phenomenal.

All this time can be much better spent providing a better customer experience and driving your business forward.