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The Battle to be the Uber of the Skies

Many people dream of taking to the skies in a private jet, but this is often seen merely as a fantasy. Flying in a private jet is deemed to be an experience reserved exclusively for the rich and the famous, but this is now changing and it is becoming a realistic form of transportation for many.

On-Demand Flights

This is thanks to the rise of on-demand services in recent times. Using your smartphone to order food, arrange dates and book an Uber has become a key part of modern society, which has now been extended to the skies. It is now possible to use your phone to book a flight from and to a destination of your choosing, and then look through a number of different private jets that you are able to hire. You then turn up on the day with your passport and step on board.

The Experience

The entry point for private aviation has been drastically reduced, allowing more people than ever to experience flying in a private jet. This is an experience unlike any other, where you can bypass the stress of hanging around at the airport and indulge in luxury up in the clouds. This also saves a lot of time. The experience includes complete privacy, fine food and dining, superb service and a spacious and stylish stand-up cabin to enjoy. These are just a few of the benefits that this amazing form of transportation brings.

Different Options

In addition to selecting your own departure place and time, destination and jet, many of these companies also offer different services to make flying privately more accessible. This includes the ability to book empty seats on return legs on fixed routes (private jets are usually only chartered one-way) or a membership platform where users pay an annual fee and get access to seats on scheduled flights. Others offer different memberships where a monthly fee is paid and the customer gets unlimited flights - this is a great option for those that fly regularly for work.

It is clear then that the battle to be the Uber of the skies is well underway with numerous companies now offering the ability for customers to charter a private jet. What was once just a dream is now made very possible, with many businesses and customers flying for leisure already by taking advantage of this service and experiencing all the benefits that this glamorous form of travel brings.