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Billion Users make SHAREit 3rd Most Downloaded App in India

Mary Meeker Internet Trends 2017 report is released which is the most awaited internet trends report. It lays down extensive and must read statistics on what’s new in the internet world with internet adoption, e-commerce, entertainment, gaming, smartphones, ads, enterprise, healthcare, China and India Startups.

This year has been no less exciting. With 355 slides and oodles of information, the report has been quite informational and we were particularly excited about India news. According to the report, India has become the second largest internet population with 355 million users; India is just behind China.

Also, the report tells us that SHAREit is now the third most downloaded app where it has beautifully surpassed Facebook, Facebook Lite and many more such popular apps. This report has officially declared SHAREit amongst India’s most popular apps.

Source : Mary Meeker Internet Trends 2017 report (Page 247)

SHAREit is widespread and is majorly used by the youth of India. There is no denying the fact that it is now the most preferred file sharing app. The app shares the information without any uncertainty of data loss, privacy violation, and un-secure transfer. Being a barrier-free file transmission app, which needs no aid from any external network to share data, it works on all platforms which include Windows, iOS, and Android. SHAREit is also an extremely efficient data traffic platform in world emerging markets.

Let us quickly cover the underlying features and you can read more about it on our recent blog on SHAREit.
  1. Sharing of numerous file formats to multiple devices at once.
  2. Replicate contacts, SMS messages, MMS messages, music, videos, apps and other data.
  3. Excellent coverage
  4. No internet connection required
  5. Large files are transferred at a speed of 200x of Bluetooth transferring speed
  6. Secure Transfer as files can be sent or received with only selected nearby devices thus not hindering privacy
  7. Music and Video file formats are automatically detected leaving no room for confusion.

Today, when most conventional file sharing applications lack the basic ability to transfer huge files at a go like videos, movies or books, SHAREit developers have given us the flexibility to do so in a single click. The algorithms are fast and secure to incorporate a number of built-in features that makes the transfer of huge data files possible. Also, this activity is not time-consuming but is 200x faster than the conventional Bluetooth mode of transfer. More importantly, the app does not demand any internet connectivity, an app downloaded on the devices is sufficient enough to share the files.

We have seen SHAREit evolve drastically over a couple of years and its zeal to be perfect is not ended, it is continuously driving itself towards development. SHAREit is proficient in its key function of transferring files from one device to another at amazing speed and efficiency. Now, SHAREit is taking sharing to the next level to make it more fun and pot-boiler with an additional feature called “Share Zone

Share Zone

A recent update rolled out to the SHAREit app introduces Share Zone. Using this new feature you can select anything you like from your friends’ Share Zone. This lets you connect with your friends in a better way shattering the barriers of USB or internet required for sharing. You can follow friends, real-time check their updates in Share Zone even without a connection, join Share Zone and communicate more with your friends.

With the rapidly increasing number of users in India, SHAREit is planning to create different versions of the app with local languages to reach a larger consumer base.

The current version of the app supports Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad), Windows Phone, Windows, and Mac. SHAREit app is compatible with previous Android versions, all the way down to Gingerbread. However, to connect to the computer your 'SHAREit for PC' must be v4.0 or above.

SHAREit, being the choice of over 1 billion users is now officially India’s preferred app for cross-platform sharing without any requirement of internet, wifi or mobile data.

We wish SHAREit many more milestones and all the best for its future!

So why wait? Try SHAREit!