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InFocus to Announce a Battery-Centric Smartphone

It is an era of smartphones, where they are taking over regular computers and laptops. Companies have been innovative in this direction and too many phones are launched every year, each with enhanced features, better user experience and satisfy monetary constraints of every user. In this article, we will be discussing a yet-to-be-launched phone whose teaser have already started to amaze us.

Techquark was fond of Epic1, the flagship phone of InFocus which was launched in October 2016. This year, InFocus is planning to do wonders! We have seen the teasers of the new phone they seem exceptionally promising.

For the big change, Infocus has come up in a strategic partnership with Foxconn, the global leader in consumer electronics. Together, InFocus and Foxconn are aiming to provide consumers innovative solution, and hence a significant smartphone will be presented to us this year.

The teaser has been rolling out for this yet-to-be-named device and it is scheduled to have a grandeur launch on 28th June in the capital city of Delhi. Dr. Luo Zhongsheng, Global CEO for Sharp & InFocus Mobile will be present at the event.

The teaser and tagline “Charge Less. Do More.” clearly suggests the smartphone is aiming at exceptional battery life along with fast charging technology. Further, with rolled off pictures we could see the upcoming phone has a sleek unibody metal design with antenna bands placed towards the bottom and top edges on the rear, a fingerprint scanner and an exceptional battery life with 50 hours of non-stop music.

The features and specifications of the phone have been leaked and we now have a fair idea of what to expect. Additionally, to the before mentioned features that will truly define the phone, the phone will have an FHD display for amazing video quality and screen resolution; two variants of RAM with a 3GB RAM; faster experience; VoLTE and 4G connectivity for better mobile internet connectivity and Android OS. Also, the phone will not be bulky and have a smaller frame and sleeker design for better grip. All these exceptional features will be encapsulated in a mid-range smartphone and will be priced at around INR 8000.

We are eagerly waiting for the launch of InFocus smartphone, which will be rolled out tomorrow. Are you excited about the phone like we are?