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Top 7 Free Android Apps For Job Seekers

The era of newspapers with job offers is gone away. Today, everyone is looking for new career opportunities using websites or application that can be installed directly on the smartphone. Websites are great, especially if you have direct access to them and have enough time to check them for new vacancies. However, most of us are too busy to do that, thus we need something less time consuming and more effective. Just like the apps.

Why Apps are Better

If you want to get notified every time a new vacancy that suits your demands appear, you just need to install a special application for job seekers. You set it according to your preferences, adjust some filters that will help to define the best jobs for you, and start to enjoy the benefits. You no longer need even to check your email for letters with the list of jobs. From now on, every time someone posts a job, you get notified.

With the help of application, you can respond to the vacancies immediately, and always be one of the first candidates to apply for the position.

Besides, you can use several apps at the same time and get a wider selection of jobs that may be interesting to you. Just add your resume, and do remember that powerful verbs for your CV are vitally important as they will help you stand out the rest of the applicants and get the desired position.

7 Best Apps That Will Help You Find a Job

If you open Google Store, you will see a huge number of applications that are to help the job seekers. To some point, this may be a little bit disturbing as you won’t be able to define which of the are really the best ones. We have decided to define 7 best apps that are really helpful and require from you no extra efforts to find a dream job.


If you have previously searched for a job using the website, you’ve probably posted your CV on Indeed. This is one of the biggest and most popular job boards that is used by multiple companies from the US and across the world.

It has everything that you need for a sufficient job search, including a comprehensive system of notifications and access to millions of job opportunities. One of its best features is that it automatically determines your location and sends you vacancies in your cities and the nearest cities as well.

You can use your previously created Indeed CV or upload a new one. If you have no time for writing a cover letter, you may create a message that will be automatically sent with your CV.

The personalization options are also great. You can add companies and jobs to your favorite ones and check the jobs you’ve applied. The application is free for Android users.


If you believe that job search process should not involve only sending CV to the companies, Good.Co will be the best app for you. Here, the services are concentrated on discovering your personality. You can determine what suits perfectly for you by taking personal quizzes that will help you find out your strong and weak points.

According to the developers of the app, these quizzes make the process of job search smarter as you will be able to check whether you are really a good candidate to take a certain position.

The app itself does not have a feature of applying to the vacancy, but you will be redirected to the job boards.

Monster Job Search

This is another popular job board that found a representation in mobile apps. Using it, you will always stay connected to the best job opportunities and will be able to apply to the vacancies on the go.

Among the best features of this app are the possibility to save jobs for later if you want to check them once again before application, direct access from your personal account, where all your database is kept, and integration with Dropbox and Google Drive to immediately upload your CV. We also liked that Monster Job Search app allows to manage resume directly in the application, thus you can change some details quickly and be available for search again.

Push notifications about new jobs also work perfectly for those who have no time to check all vacancies that appear.


LinkedIn stands apart from all the job boards and apps. This is more a social media that a job aggregator, however, this is a perfect website for everyone who’s looking for a job. It also has an Android application that can easily be installed on your device.

Here, you can manage your CV by adding your experience, certificates, education, and portfolio. If you want to go further, you may become a content contributor that will make your profile even more popular. Just make sure that you’ve added keywords to your job description so that the companies could find you.

Additionally, you may follow here the companies where you’d like to work and check their open vacancies regularly.


If you are looking for a job with an hourly rate, you should pay your attention to SangAJob app. To use the services of the app, you need to import your data from Facebook or Google profile.

Additionally, you need to filter your preferences by the schedule (if you are looking for a part-time job, for example), the type of job you are willing to do, and the distance so that the application could define the most suitable vacancies for you. You will be able to apply with only one click and that will definitely save your time on a job search.

Simply Hired

This is a third biggest job marketplace that is known by everyone who previously was looking for a job using websites. From now on, all the features are available with your smartphone.

You can edit your preferences, manage your CV, save and share jobs that you’ve liked. You will always get the most relevant job matches after you make some adjustments of the filters within the app. With Simply Hired, you will easily apply for any position with one click, and your resume will be sent to the company immediately.

cPro Craigslist

cPro Craigslist is not a pure job marketplace as it accumulates deals from different industries and spheres. Still, there are enough possibilities for those who are looking for a job. Using this app, you will easily check available job offers and will be able to apply them immediately.

You will be able to set push notifications and email alerts, depending what’s more convenient for you. We’ve liked about this app that it has access to the positions that have not been published on the popular marketplaces, thus, it will be easier for you to become a perfect candidate.

Looking for a job becomes easier every year. Now, you do not need to spend hours trying to find at list something that corresponds your desires. Mobile apps will do everything for you! You just need to set filters and prepare your CV to be able to immediately apply for the position. Using these apps, it won’t take too much time from you to find a job of your dream. Good luck with your searches!

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