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Improve Your Communication using WiFi Calling

With so many features on our smartphones, we often forget what these devices were originally intended to do — make calls. Of course, as much time as we spend taking photos, browsing social media, shopping, and playing games on our phones, we still expect to be able to make calls without any problems. Although rare, many items can interfere with the features on any phone, no matter what network you are using. Find out how Wi-Fi calling can help improve communications.

What Is Wi-Fi Calling?

Wi-Fi calling is similar to Skype of FaceTime. However, when you make a Wi-Fi call using T-Mobile, for example, the connection can be made using an internet connection instead of communicating with cell towers. Many people now have plans with unlimited data, such as T-Mobile's ONE plan that offers unlimited talk, text, and LTE data. Using your data instead of minutes is one of the benefits of signing up for a reliable 4G LTE network.

When dialing any number, you'll be able to make a standard or Wi-Fi call. Of course, the exact operation depends on the model of your phone and its operating system. Nonetheless, Wi-Fi calling is almost always the second option unless you select the option as your primary calling mode.

Use Wi-Fi Calling When Traveling Abroad

Many people will fully use Wi-Fi calling when they travel, especially when they're out of the country. Buying extra minutes when you're traveling abroad can be wasteful, especially when you are only on a short vacation. You should be able to find a Wi-Fi connection almost anywhere you travel around the world.

With a simple connection, you can make phone calls back home at no charge so that you no longer need to worry about buying international minutes. However, make sure your device is capable of Wi-Fi calling before you leave.

Turn to Wi-Fi Calling So That You Don't Waste Your Minutes

If you have a limited amount of phone minutes, but unlimited data capacity, you're probably fighting a constant battle to keep your usage under your alloted minutes. You may find Wi-Fi calling to be useful if you have unlimited data, and you likely make many of your calls from home or while you're at work. Did you know that you can create settings so that your phone automatically knows to make Wi-Fi calls when you connect to a Wi-Fi network? Basically, you'll only need to use your phone minutes when you are away from home.

Make International Phone Calls With Wi-Fi Calling

If you have business connections, friends, or family in foreign countries, Wi-Fi calling is going to change the way you communicate. First, you can forget about buying calling cards and long-distance minutes or having to coordinate Skype meetings. Wi-Fi calling is more convenient for everyone involved in conversations.

Take and Make Better-Sounding Calls

You have probably noticed that websites load slower when you don't have a Wi-Fi connection. When your phone is using cellular data, a number of factors can slow down data upload and download speeds. You may even choose to wait until you get a Wi-Fi connection to do certain tasks because the Wi-Fi network greatly impacts how efficient you can be. Similarly, your phone calls will be crisper and clearer when connected to Wi-Fi.

Some people prefer Wi-Fi calling for both domestic and international calls, especially when they concern important business matters. The risk of dropping calls is much lower when you connect to a wireless network.

Wi-Fi calling is a new feature on many networks, but it's bound to become more and more popular. Smartphone users who live in areas where cell service is unreliable seem to appreciate the benefits of Wi-Fi calling: They can finally communicate with secure, reliable connections. With ever-improving call quality and the wide available of Wi-Fi hotspots, cellular calling could become obsolete. Imagine what our connected future could hold when smartphone users turn to Wi-Fi calling to stay connected with friends, family, neighbors, and their colleagues in the office or half a world away.