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Technology is Disrupting the Luxury Market

The retail industry, from your nearest department store to a luxury brand shop, is undergoing massive changes in this era of digital revolution. Needless to say from changing the business models to adapting technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and even blockchain, the luxury retail market is expanding to new horizons.

At this stage, customers are demanding and market conditions are extremely volatile. These conditions are important to change business strategy and adapting technology movements.

There is a dire need of keeping up with evolving technology for the luxury brands. The focus should remain on their core product offering, values and expertise. Online marketing is the first step towards adopting the technology, but with this comes a high risk which is posed to the reputation and thus a strong relationship must be maintained between brand and their customers ensuring a sustainable and long term value creation.

But how can luxury market adapt technology to make brands affordable and maintain transparency so that buyers make an affordable decision?

Well, we were surfing the internet and stumbled upon this website, A+ Linen, that brings luxury linen at an affordable price. The aim is simply to make luxury “affordable”. With brick and mortar stores, we always end up paying most of our money to the middle men and A+ Linen has a disruptive model promises to deliver high-quality products at reasonable price.

Their business model is simple, getting way off the middle men and be in direct relationship with the customer. This model saves money by avoiding costs associated with the wholesaler, retailer etc. These costs have no bearing on the actual quality and only inflates the price charged to the consumer. As per the company’s research, if a luxury product is produced at a price of X, the customer pays from 7X to 8X. This is not odd considering there are a number of middlemen are involved between consumer and products.

Alpus Linen has partnered with best manufacturers of luxury bedding and sell directly to customers by sidestepping the middlemen. This makes the highest percentage of the Apluslinen's prices to be the manufacturing cost and thus the direct-to-consumer model delivers luxury quality at 1/3rd of the price available in market.

As for the products available on their website, they have a differentiated product line including made in Israel Egyptian cotton sheets, Canadian Down pillows, and Comforters. Surprisingly, none of Apluslinen's products are made in China.

Currently, luxury bedding is overpriced so much in India that people do not think of even spending fifteen thousand bucks for a comfortable sleep. For quite some time, we have been ignoring the comfort of sleep which is the most important part of our life, due to overpriced products. With the new direct-to-consumer model by A+ Linen, we can get them for the price we can afford.