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Top Apps to Prepare for CAT MBA Exam at Home

CAT is the most popular Management Exams in India, conducted by IIMs every year. CAT exam is a computer based standardized test held annually for admission to various courses under MBA and PGDM programs. 20 IIMs and more than 120 management institutes participate in CAT. CAT exam pattern remains unpredictable because almost every year it undergoes some changes, but last year no changes in CAT pattern were observed, and questions were asked from CAT syllabus. But it is widely reported that this year IIM Lucknow may introduce some changes in CAT pattern. Also, CAT difficulty level may also vary and can include more HOT questions this time.

CAT comprises three sections which include Quantitative Ability, Verbal & Reading Comprehension, and Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning. It is a 3-hour duration exam, where one hour is assigned for each section. Also, the paper will have 100 questions of both MCQ and Non-MCQ type questions.

Questions are tricky but because we are providing you with the best way to prepare for CAT and successfully clear the cutoff. Read more to clear all your doubts.

Most Important Section to cover for Clearing CAT with the Best solution to prepare for it.

More than 2 lakh aspirants will appear but only 4000 will get admission in top MBA colleges after clearing CAT cut off. Considering that CAT 2017 will be held on the last Sunday of November 2017, July and August is the crucial juncture for candidates to brush up their concepts. So, how one can prepare for it?

So, the question is which section is the most important one and why?

CAT comprises 3 sections but the section which covers maximum weightage is Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension. According to the last year trend total questions in English section were 34 out of 100 questions, which included 24 MCQ type questions and 10 non MCQs. But the section is also the one responsible for low marks of candidates. Why?

Many candidates find RC and VA to be on the difficult side as even the seemingly easy questions can be tricky to solve because they take it so leniently that they do not even care to prepare for it. Reading Comprehension (RC) & Verbal Ability (VA) section is one of the three sections that make up the entire question paper of CAT. Read further to know about the best way to crack CAT and why it’s the best way? 

Why Mobile App is the best way to Prepare for CAT RC & VA?

For clearing CAT cut off aspirants must master all the concepts but mastering concepts doesn’t mean that he needs to have complete command over all the topics comprising CAT Syllabus, but it essentially means that they have read up on all important topics, practiced mock questions concerned and is able to solve all major problems.

Many students join the coaching centers to crack it. Taking classes is absolutely okay, but to crack CAT which is one of the most difficult exams, aspirants must put their own hard work in it. To help out students in preparing for CAT exam there are some online mobile apps that will help you preparing for CAT exam. It is the best way because on one hand, they are not wasting their money, and on the other hand they can prepare in a better way by sitting at their home peacefully.

Online Apps provide you with all the important topics, preparation tips, mock tests (according to the given time limit) and also tell you about the questions and exam pattern and best thing is that you can prepare without investing your money, that too anytime and anywhere. Read more to know the best apps.

Best Online Apps to Crack CAT

CAT Vocabulary

Rating: 4.5

Why CAT Vocabulary App and what are its key Features?

The different sections of CAT verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension are difficult to crack without the sound knowledge of Vocabulary. In this section hard words are used, and by using this CAT online app one can do well by grasping all the important tips for improving their vocabulary. The main aim of this app is to help students to clear/ crack their English section in CAT exam.

So, what are the key features of this Online App?

The App comprises of more than 4000 CAT Vocabulary words and high frequency words with definition and examples. Major topics covered are Synonyms/ antonyms, Word substitution, Idioms, Error spotting and offline pronunciation. This is an easy to access, miraculous online app with a lot to offer. It makes you learn better, and also presents the word in the most innovative manner which helps you retain better.

Why one should prefer CAT Vocabulary over all other Apps for RC & VA Preparation?

CAT Vocabulary app can be very helpful in your CAT exam preparation. Start your CAT exam preparation now using this vocabulary builder for CAT App. If you want high score in VA & RC then your vocabulary should be very strong. This app will not only provide you with CAT syllabus, but all you want to know about Verbal section and its preparation to crack CAT.
It has much more to offer than just basic knowledge. If you are looking forward to improve your verbal score, it will help you the most.

Grade up

Rating: 4.6/ 5

Grade up is at present the highest rated CAT preparation app with over 1 million downloads.

Why Grade up? Know about its Key Features

Grade up is free exam preparation app and it provides the users with proper guidance on how to crack CAT. Also aspirants can study in Hindi as well as in English and can practice as many questions as they want to for free. Aspirants can also track their daily performance.

Why one must choose Grade up for CAT exam preparation

Grade up is the highest rated app because it not only provides practice papers and important tips but also one can get access to learning videos and excellent video tutorials along with the entire CAT syllabus. Also, they get notifications for all 2017 exam. In addition to this, aspirants can discuss their doubts with other students & Grade up experts. It provides study material and practice questions in both Hindi & English, with daily tests on all topics, based on last year papers & latest pattern.

CAT MBA Exam Prep Tests Papers

Rating: 4.6/5

Why CAT MBA Exam Prep Tests Papers Online App?

With the help of CAT MBA Exam Preparation Test Papers App aspirants can practice quizzes, mock tests, previous years question papers and MCQ & non MCQ questions and important tips & tricks for CAT entrance Examination

The app provides section-wise study material so candidates can look easily for English section and can prepare it easily. Students who are not able to go to coaching center, this application are very much useful for them.

What are the Key features provided by CAT MBA Prep Tests App?

The application also provides tips, study material, short notes, question bank, and you can also solve and discuss your doubts and questions. Also, your scores can be compared with the scores of other students. Candidates can look for as many vocabulary words and important/ useful RC & VA questions as they want to.