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Four Features Your Home Security System Should Include

While there is only so much that you can do to keep your family safe on your own, there is a wide range of equipment that you can use to increase their security. Home security systems today go far beyond those that were available in the past. Those old systems simply included an alarm and some sensors that sent alerts back to a home base, which made a call to the local police station. When choosing a new security system for your home, you can pick some great features that protect both your family and home.

Surveillance Cameras

Installing surveillance cameras is one of the best ways to keep an eye on those who come and go. These cameras come in different designs that can blend with the design of your home to watch others without them knowing and more traditional cameras that will let visitors know they are under surveillance. You may want to look for a camera that you can angle down from your front door that works with a monitor inside your home. This camera lets you see anyone knocking on your door.

Motion Lights

The top security systems designed for home also come with motion lights. Unlike other lights that you will need to manually turn on and off each day, these lights have a sensor on the front that automatically turns the light on when it detects any type of motion. Newer lights have less sensitive sensors that will not detect leaves or trash blowing in front of the sensors. You can use these lights in your front or back yard and on your garage. Many thieves will run away at the first sign of light rather than risk arrest.

Security App

While you might want a home security system that comes with some type of alarm, you also want one with a security app that you can download and then access and use from your phone or tablet. Some apps even let you check in on your home and system from your laptop while on vacation or the computer that you use at work. The app lets you view a live stream from any of the cameras that are a part of your system and make changes to the system itself. You can even use some apps to unlock your door when your kids lose their keys.

Window and Door Sensors

During an appointment with an audio video company, ask about installing window and door sensors on all the openings around your home. Window sensors monitor the glass for any vibrations or atmospheric changes that can indicate someone trying to push the window open to get inside. Sensors designed for your doors release a loud alarm when someone tries to forcibly open that door. These sensors can work with your alarm system and/or the panic buttons that you and other family members carry. Pressing the button lets the alarm company know that you need help.

A good home security system can keep your family safe at night and protect your home from break ins whenever you're not there. While there are a number of security systems that you can choose from in today's world, you should look for features like surveillance cameras, motion lights and sensors for your doors and windows.