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Nexon - 'The SUV' from Tata : Meet, Drive & Car Experience

Tata’s new compact SUV Nexon is soon to be launched and we witnessed its unveiling in God’s own country, Kerela. It’s been a week since we were a part of the fantabulous road trip and we are still in awe of the revving of the engines on curvy roads and celestial landscape.

We were humbled by the hospitality on this two-day event. On the first day, we were briefed about Nexon by Tata’s leadership, at Kochi Marriot. The rendezvous with Nexon was hypnotic, its aerodynamic design, striking blue color, sporty finish, gray roof, rear split LED tail lamps and feline-eye shaped daytime LED lights won over us.

Needless to say, Day 2 had our most adventurous road trip ahead. We hit the ignition and started towards Greenberg Resort cruising on the highway with the backdrop of marvelous Idukki hills. The three-hour drive with Nexon on the hills took us on a ride with different aspects of the car.

Features, Interiors & More

As we stepped in the car making ourselves comfortable for the journey ahead, we cannot help but notice the plush interiors.

The three tone layered dashboard is neat where a 6.5-inch touchscreen and mode dial are strategically placed taking care that driver can glance at the screen easily without taking eyes off the road.

The controls are integrated with built-in Android Auto infotainment system and speech recognition technology to access navigation, control volume, manage phone calls, music, etc. The music quality in the car is taken care by 8 speaker Harman audio system.

The premium dual tone comfortable seats, huge leg room and air conditioning vents are key highlights of interiors.

Overall boot storage capacity is 350L, to which an added 100-150L of volume can be added due to foldable rear seats.

Performance and Drive Modes

Tata Nexon has a 1.5-litre Revotorn diesel engine and 1.2-litre Revotron petrol engine with power output of 110PS, 260Nm of torque and 110PS, 170Nm of torque respectively. We got a chance to drive both diesel and petrol variants where the decent torque gave us an enjoyable pickup and power ensured top speed is maintained.

Nexon has a 6-speed manual gearbox whose smooth transition made our drive relaxed and enjoyable.

Tata, with Nexon, has come up with a technological advancement in the automobile industry. The technology makes the clutch adjusts itself to the driver over a period of time. This will adjust the clutch to an optimum setting irrespective of how hard or light it is used keeping friction intact and the clutch doesn’t become cushioned.

Nexon has three driving modes namely City, Eco, and Sports. Each of these modes offers different value add when cruising through various grounds, topographies, traffic conditions and when the adrenaline rushes in, switch to Sport for taking-off.

And there's MORE...

Cruising the curvaceous mountain terrain could be challenging so we couldn’t help looking for safety features and came to know that the car has dual frontal airbags for driver and co-driver and is also ABS enabled for emergency braking. This Anti-lock braking system distributes brake-force in all 4 wheels with hydraulic assistance.

We couldn’t help admiring Kerela’s weather and the scenic beauty so had a couple of stops where the car helped us in attaining perfect parking. The rear camera is coupled with advanced ultrasonic sensors which provided the dynamic guideways for hassle-free reverse & park.

We enjoyed the convenience with direct access to doors and boot with smart key proximity.

And yeah, the most brilliant feature of the car was one of its class wearable band which is actually a key. That means no more dangling with keys or carrying them around because your band on your wrist is the key. How awesome is that?

The only let down was the key band doesn't have a display or doesn't double up as a fitness band. If Tata can bring a fitness band which also acts as a key, it would be ground breaking. May be, we can see a Fitbit and Tata collaboration? Who knows?

The Amazing Journey to Go From a Clay to a Real Car...

The Social Media Command Center for Tata #ExploreWithNexon Drive! How Geeky & Awesome!


We reached our destination but were still not over the exciting road trip and were craving for more of Nexon, maneuvering the city and hills with this rugged SUV was gratifying.

We wish Tata all the best for its new venture and hope with a lot of technology and design leaps with Nexon , Tata will be bringing in a huge competition in SUV market. 

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