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Making Money by Blogging on WordPress

Believe it or not, most bloggers, when they tell people that their full-time job is blogging, get weird looks from all around. Blogging? Is it even possible to make a living out of that? Does blogging even count as a profession? Is it feasible to make enough money from blogging so that that one can sustain their way of life? There is much confusion and many questions regarding this. Even though you can do your best to answer as many of them as you can, there is always more.

While it is often interesting, and in some cases even satisfying, to address general curiosity, it is the doubt that blogging can be a good way to make money that hurts the most. Then again, there will always be people who question you. You cannot let them hurt your feelings. The best way to make them see your ability is to prove it to them.

Saying anything is much easier than doing it. So, how do you prove to people that blogging can help to make money, especially if you are burdened with debt? Luckily, with blogging, you can make enough money to not only get out of debt, but you can also save a substantial amount in the bank so that you are well equipped to combat unforeseen difficult times.

How to get out of debt by blogging?

If you are living from paycheck to paycheck and are looking for ways to improve your finances, blogging is an avenue that you must explore. Starting a blog can surely help you manage your finances better and at the same time, provide you with a fun hobby that you will never get tired of. Also, there is no denying that blogging is much easier than working several jobs at the same time. Check out some of how blogs can help you make money:
  1. Blog advertising: Make your blog a platform for advertising. From selling targeted network ads to banner ads, many forms of blog advertising can benefit you. Moreover, your blog can be a great place for businesses and brands to market their products. You can benefit immensely from such paid content.
  2. Affiliate programs: Affiliate marketing basically requires you to write about products and services on your blog and explain to your readers how good they are. It is tricky in the way that to convey the message effectively to readers, you first need to believe that a product is excellent. Only then will your passion shine through the product review that you have composed. This type of blogging fetches high revenue.
  3. Selling digital products: Anything that can be downloaded can be sold via your blog. Beauty bloggers may create a series of videos about makeup tutorials; lifestyle coaches may write an ebook, craft bloggers may make videos documenting their projects. Each of theses downloadable items can bring in enough money for you.

Get yourself a WordPress Blog

Choosing the right platform for your blog is as important as clearly understanding debt program's details if/when you are applying for a personal loan. There are many options available, and all of them seem good. It is upon minute study, however, that you start noticing the subtle differences. As far as blogging goes, any experienced person in this sector will tell you WordPress is the best medium you can get for launching and promoting your blog. For starters, it is a free platform and does not require sufficient technical knowledge. There are many other ways in which WordPress blog can help you save as well as make money.

How can you make money with a WordPress blog?

  1. Wordpress has great affiliate marketing programs for all its bloggers.
  2. You can think about displaying Google AdSense on your blog.
  3. Alternatively, you can leverage the power of WordPress’ own advertising plugin and sell ads directly.
  4. It is possible to get your blog sponsored by interested parties and benefit from its readership.
  5. There are plenty of Wordpress bloggers who get paid to write reviews of everything from movies to shows and products to services.
  6. On WordPress, you can also create a website that offers paid memberships.
  7. WordPress directory sites are quite popular and earn significant revenues. Your directory can be about products, services, jobs, and companies.
  8. You can sell digital products like ebooks, online courses and apps through your Wordpress blogs.
  9. Hosting a paid webinar is also a good idea.
  10. You can also become a WordPress designer or developer and sell Wordpress themes, graphics and plugins through your blog.
  11. WordPress also has significant donation programs for new bloggers.
In case, you ever face a question on the lines of, ‘does blogging help you make enough money?', You know you can give an affirmative answer. However, nothing comes easy in life, and neither does a steady income through blogging. The amount of blogging you do, combined with the quality and informative aspect of your blogs, has an enormous impact on the sum of money you can earn from them.

From the above discussion, you have also learned that factors like the design of your blog, how responsive it is, on which CMS it is hosted, are also vital. Yes, there are technical aspects to take into consideration too. While you are busy researching various topics to work your way out of debt with quality blogs, you can leave all the technical worries to WordPress, the most preferred CMS on the planet. WordPress will keep doing your job of designing, arranging and optimizing your blog without you having to face any content marketing hassle. Soon, you will be free of debt with a large number of followers and a reassuring amount of money in your bank account.

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Kelly Wilson is an experienced and skilled Business Consultant and Financial advisor in the USA. She helps clients both personal and professional in long-term wealth building plans. During her spare time she loves to write on Business Finance, Marketing, Social Media. She loves to share her knowledge and Experts tips with her readers.