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Top 7 Most Durable Phones Ever

For many of us, smartphones are valuable possessions that we cherish and try to preserve in the best conditions for as long as we can. Sadly, most of the smartphones are fragile, and can be easily broken, scratched or drowned. Very rarely are the modern smartphones apt for active lifestyle and the dangers of heavy use. However, there are a few smartphones that have passed all the necessary tests and are ready to surprise you with their durability and power.

Most Durable Phones

1. Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

This Samsung model combines all of the modern smartphone perks with heavy armor and protection from physical damage. It has all of the Samsung Galaxy S6 features in terms of hardware and software. It also has a water-resistant body that is virtually unbreakable, and its battery can last for over 24 hour of active usage of mobile internet, camera and messenger apps.

2. Sony XPeria Z2

XPeria phones are generally not designed to be thrown against walls or pavement. However, this phone’s strong side is that is has been proven to be super waterproof. It has spent more than 5 weeks underwater during testing, while maintaining its functionality.

3. Caterpillar Cat S50

One of the most durable smartphones out there, whose IP 67 certification proves that is meets the military specifications for durability. Its high-quality touch display works perfectly even when it is completely wet. The battery life is surprisingly long.

4. Kyocera Brigadier

Its pleasant feature is the sapphire crystal display which works perfectly when wet or covered in mud. The colors are fantastic. Fully shock-resistant, it can be used with gloves or wet fingers.

5. Sonim XP6

One of the most functional phones for active lifestyle. It has a little bit of an oldschool appearance, but is extremely user-friendly. The touch screen is combined with buttons that can be used if you are wearing gloves and can’t access touch screen, for example. The body is waterproof and solid rubber, absolutely impossible to break. Its XP7 is a touch screen only alternative which has a much more modern design.

6. Sony XPeria Go

This smartphone is not completely shock-resistant, just as its Z2 counterpart. However, it is one of the smartphones most fit for water and active vacation, while preserving the looks of a stylish and fine telephone most durable phones lack.

7. Plum Gator Plus

It is one of the cheapest durable smartphone, because its hardware is not exactly up to date. It is a simple and quite usable alternative for those who simply need to stay connected while on a trip to the mountains or an expedition.

Next time you go hiking or get your kids out on a forest picnic, make sure you get one of these. These are guaranteed to perform at their best standard and endure the worst of the possible casual damage.