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Marketing Tips for Your Business

Running a business takes time, effort, and resources, especially if you also own the company. You often wear many hats, such as CEO, CFO, and HR manager. When you’re handling so many roles within your company, it can be tiring to think of successful marketing strategies as well. Unless you have a marketing degree, you may not even know where to start. Getting people to purchase your goods or services is what keeps your doors open, however, so having a few tricks up your sleeve might be a good idea. Here are a few tips to help make your business’s marketing a success, particularly when it comes to e-marketing.

Know Your Goals

Consider your business goals. Are you looking to get more social media fans? Promote an event or new product? Increase sales? Whatever your goal, you should have a clear purpose in mind before you get started with your marketing plan or you could end up wasting money.

Invest in Good Content

People love brands that tell a story, so make sure you tell yours. You can do that by investing in good quality content that will forge a connection between potential customers and your business. It’s human nature to want to feel a connection with others, so give your customers that feeling of connectedness and write a great story they can relate to.

What’s in it for Them

As much as customers want to feel connected to your company and its mission, they also want to know what’s in it for them. What could they potentially gain by investing in your product or service? Prestige? Status? A good feeling that they’re helping others? Don’t focus too heavily on what’s in it for you, but rather how your customers can benefit by investing their money into your company’s goods or services.

Build a Quality Website

You could have an excellent product offering, but if you don't know how to present it to customers, you may have a hard time making sales. With so many people online today, you’ll want to be sure you invest in a quality website that customers will want to visit. One of the hot designs trends is to have a clean, easy-to-navigate website with a lot of white space and readable content that is optimized for both web and mobile browsing. Quality websites also have eye-catching photographs that draw customers in and make them want to learn more. Good aesthetics can go a long way in making a good impression and putting yourself out there as a serious, reliable, trustworthy business.

Create a Call to Action

Another way to optimize your conversion rates into sales is to create a strong call to action. If you want them to subscribe to your company’s blog, make it easy for them to sign up with user-friendly forms. Do you want to showcase a new product line? Create a main image on your site to draw them in and make it clickable so they can go straight to your product line page rather than try to find it by searching your site. You may also want to consider creating social media contests or online coupons for people who shop your site, which are trackable and can provide you with metrics on whether or not your promotions were successful.

Use Feedback

Online customer feedback is vital to the success of any business, so use it to your advantage. When a customer provides negative feedback, use it as an opportunity to show the human side of your company by engaging with the customer and trying to reach a resolution. They may walk away a brand advocate. When a customer gives you positive feedback, acknowledge that too. You may even want to consider featuring customer testimonials on your website to show others that not only do you offer a great product, but other customers think so too. Often, when people are researching a new product or service they look for feedback from other consumers to see if it’s worth the investment. One of the ways to collect feedback is by setting up online SMS surveys.

Keep Your Website Updated

As trends and the industry changes, you’ll want to update your content to keep your site fresh and engaging. Failing to keep up with current trends and run the risk of customers losing interest or making your business look less reputable.

You don’t need an advanced marketing degree to run a successful e-marketing campaign. If you have a good quality website and know how to spread the word, you should see an increase in website traffic, which can result in more sales.