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Writing a Resume Summary for Tech Jobs

Generally speaking, the resume professional summary should identify the key strengths for the position you are applying for. This is essential to customize your resume, particularly professional summary, according to the requirements of the job. Candidates who tailor their expertise to the needs of their prospective employer have a better chance to be hired. Including a summary helps to make the resume screening, interview and selection stages more efficient to the recruiter. By through reading the requirements for the job opening and indicating the respective skills you can better prepare the resume and earn more scores.

The typical expectations from a Tech person include:
  1. Knowledge of the special software, programming languages, collaboration tools.
  2. Excellent judgment, outstanding planning abilities in order to create and maintain complex systems.
  3. Computer Science, Informational Systems, Engineering or related degree.
  4. Proven track of leadership in technology management, excellent communication, analytical and organizational skills in case of IT Manager roles.
Think about the facts of your development and skills that directly apply to the role you are applying for. Only after you’ve tailored your professional summary to the job you are going to be best equipped.

Below see some examples from ResumeYard writers to know more about Tech summaries.

Brief Vacancy Description #1

Data Processing Manager III

Plans, organizes, and directs a highly-skilled technical team. Provides technical expertise and guidance to staff and subordinate supervisors. Manages the IT Asset Management function. The function is responsible for all phases of the IT Asset lifecycle process which includes: deployment, asset management, disposal of all IT assets, and scheduled equipment refresh for DCSS. Manages the development of the Enterprise Service Management tool and the transition from the current reporting tool.

Example #1

Senior Information Systems Analyst

Experienced and knowledgeable information technology professional with 32 years of experience is seeking to contribute technical and coaching skills within a Data Processing Manager III role. In-depth background in the areas of supervision, policy, business analysis, information security, programming, networking, project management, customer service, analysis, design, testing, implementation, documentation, and training.

Effectively plan, install, configure and optimize IT infrastructures to achieve high availability and performance. Proven ability to create and deliver solutions tied to business growth, organizational development and systems/network optimization. Skilled problem identifier and troubleshooter comfortable managing systems, equipment and teams in a range of IT environments.

Brief Vacancy Description #2

IT Security Manager

Responsible for high-level coordination and communication across various business units, overseeing operational execution of the program, and ensuring regulatory compliance requirements related to cybersecurity incident response are being met.

Example #2

Information Technology Security Specialist

IT security specialist with a passion and talent for aligning security architecture, plans, controls, processes, policies, and procedures with security standards and operational goals. Thorough understanding of all aspects of computer and network security including firewall administration, encryption technologies, and network protocols. Project leader with 14+ years’ experience directing all phases of complex projects while managing, motivating and mentoring team members. Extensive experience developing and testing security architectures for on-premise and cloud-based systems. Proven ability to create and deliver solutions tied to business growth, organizational development, and systems/network optimization.

A well executed professional summary for the Tech job accomplishes the following objectives:
  1. Establishes the framework for defining the professional.
  2. Gives recruiters the clear idea of what to expect and helps to deter those who are unqualified for the job from applying.
  3. Helps the hiring manager decide on a competitive pay range based on market value for the various responsibilities of the position.
  4. Serves as a tool for setting expectations.
  5. Provides a preliminary idea of how easy or difficult it will be to find a career option.
The following categories represent a basic template of what a typical resume summary might include and the specific information it should convey:
  1. Position title: The full title of the job you are applying.
  2. General qualifications: Two or three sentences outlining your experience.
  3. Key responsibilities: The specific tasks you carried out on a daily basis.
  4. Certifications: Some of the earned certification that you think will matter for the recruiter.
  5. Skills and attributes: The knowledge and traits you possess required to perform a job.
To jumpstart your job search right now, use professional resume delivery services like this. The core skills of the most widespread IT positions you might want to include in the summary section:
  1. Developer/Programmer: excellent programming abilities in common languages and frameworks, such as C#/C++, Java Enterprise Edition/AJAX or Microsoft.NET.
  2. Business Analyst: understanding applications from both a technical/programming perspective and a business point of view, knowledge of business functional areas, business management issues and data analysis.
  3. IT Auditor: in-depth knowledge of business processes, controls, and risks, understanding how it relates to relevant IT audit procedures.
  4. Data Security Analyst: understanding of all the aspects of computer and network security including such areas as firewall administration, encryption technologies and network protocols.