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Must-Have Windows Software That You May Have Looked Over

If you were to compile a list of windows software that is essential to your everyday life, you may have forgotten about one of these important applications that professionals highly recommend. Having a Windows backup software and a trusted tool for Windows data recovery are among the most valuable software that you can download on your computer alongside anti-malware software. Data Backup from Prosoft Engineering is crucial because it adds protection to all of your most important files. Data Rescue is more of a precautionary tool, but is essential in a computer disaster.

Backup And Store Your Files Securely

If you have never used a backup software before, you can think of Data Backup as insurance for your files. However, with Prosoft Engineering you only have to purchase the app once, while many other apps require a monthly subscription to continue backing up your files. Also, you are the insurer of your files and the only one to control what files you want backed up and where. Since Data Backup offers more than just a simple copy backup, you can control and customize the backup preferences that best fit your needs.

As data security experts, Prosoft Engineering knows how tedious consistently backing up your hard drive can be. Data Backup for Windows relieves this consistent task and saves you time by using automation features that allow you to set scheduled backups. You can even receive alerts of the completion status when the backup finishes so that you know your files are secure.

Control, Customize, Alert

You can customize your backups easily with Data Backup’s guided backup sets, allowing you to completely control how you want your backup to run. With backup scheduling options, you can set a time for your backups that works best for you and won’t get in the way of when you use your computer.

Email and text message alerts are a top feature of the software. It alerts you after or during a backup if everything went well or if there were any issues. Data Backup gives you four different backup types to choose from: simple copy, clone, versioned, and synchronized.

Simple Copy

A simple copy is the most basic backup of your hard drive and the most used backup for users. Prosoft Engineering has optimized the simple copy to include helpful backup features while being faster in backing up your files. The key feature in this backup software that makes a simple copy the fastest choice is that only the files that have been changed will be backed up.


A clone is an identical copy of your hard drive containing all data from start to end. You can make an exact copy of your hard drive that is bootable by cloning your main hard drive. There are many useful ways this backup comes in handy, but mostly in the event your drive becomes unreadable or fails. This allows you to swap your failed hard drive for the cloned one and continue working on your computer like nothing happened.


A versioned backup will store previous backups within a hidden area on the destination drive so that the version of the backup can be accessed and restored at a later time. All of your files that you select in the source will be copied to the destination. This backup will tend to use more storage space on the destination, and is only recommended for users that often need access to a previous version of a file that they are working on.


A synchronized backup essentially matches the content of both drives making them identical. The synchronize backup merges the contents of two drives or folders and stores the data on both the source and destination. If a file is deleted or added in either the source or destination drive, the file will be deleted or added on both drives.

Recover Important Files In The Event Of A Data Disaster

As the saying goes, “I would rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it”, applies to data recovery software. Losing files happens to everyone, whether it is an accident or malware attack, recovering those lost files is a time-sensitive task.

Usually when a file is unrecoverable, it is due to that file being overwritten by a new file that is created. Computer use will constantly write data to your hard drive, so recovering a file that was emptied from the trash last week may not be recoverable.

The “free space” that your computer shows in storage is any available space that the hard drive can write new files to. This includes areas on your hard drive in which the files that have been emptied from the trash were written to.


File security is something that should be taken seriously, since file loss can happen to anyone. Complete your computer security checklist by adding Data Backup and Data Rescue software for Windows and PC users. With Prosoft Engineering, you will have dedicated support for the app that you are using from technical representatives located at their facility in California.

If you are looking for a faster response to your questions, activate a chat on their website and a representative will be able to assist you.