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Things Every MacBook User Should Know

MacBook users will be excited to know that the new MacBook has many new features to make the experience as user-friendly as possible. Even the base model MacBook Pro 13” with touch bar, integrated Iris 550 graphics 2.9 GHz, and Intel dual-core Core i-5 processor will amaze users.

Although there are few external changes, users will only start noticing the greater changes upon use. The first change that users will notice is that the RAM has been changed to 2.133GHz. The 13” base model includes 8GB memory but can be upgraded to 16GB. Unfortunately, there is no 32GB option on both the 15” and 13” models.

The new MacBook also includes the new silver and space grey colors. These colors have been isolated to white, silver and space grey. The rose gold and gold is only available in the 12” MacBook’s. The default storage of the MacBook also includes 256GB

The Touch Bar

The touch bar is something that new users will have to get used to. After a few uses, it comes naturally. Users can customize the Touch Bar to suit their needs which makes the MacBook more user-friendly.

The new MacBook also comes with a screenshot button that was added in place of the Siri button which was never used by most MacBook US users. This screenshot button enables you to take a screenshot without using the keyboard.

After taking a screenshot, the touch bar displays many options like cancel, window, Selected Portion, Save to Location and Entire screen.

When playing music through iTunes another set of icon strip that allows advanced music control that includes skipping and scrubbing tracks. These linked icons show that the touch bar will mean something else for individual users.

The touch bar will also assist with switching between tabs by simply tapping on the icon on each tab or drag your finger across the touch bar quickly to browse between tabs. After you get used to this function, you will start using it much more and will start to rely on it more often.


USB-C is the USB of the future. Although it is not used as much now, users will have to purchase adapters to use their normal USB’s as Apple does not ship the MacBook with the adapters. It might be a struggle and inconvenience at first but users will soon get used to it and will be laughing all the way when USB-C is the new trend.

The MacBook has long been the choice of laptop consumers who value portability and light weight above all else, and Apple has set the standard that the rest of the industry follows when it comes to making a lightweight, powerful computer that works well.