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Best New Technology of 2017 and Beyond

With the ever-changing world of technology, sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends. Here is a list of the top must-have gadgets for 2017 and what could be in store for next year!

iPhone 8

Apple continues to surprise us with some of the latest and greatest technologies out there, coming out with a new iPhones what seems like every month. But this year Apple launched the newest generation of iPhone, the iPhone 8. The new iPhone 8 is built with the most durable glass smartphones have ever seen and a stronger aerospace grade aluminum band for even more protection.

It’s dust and water-resistant and even features wireless charging (which means no more dealing with those pesky charging cords!) and a retina HD display. iPhones seem to be getting more and more sophisticated each year, and the iPhone 8 proves that. With faster and more user-friendly experiences, amazing photo-taking capabilities and longer battery-life, the iPhone 8 is definitely a must-have this year.

Virtual Reality

In addition to people’s love for smartphones and laptops, virtual reality headsets seem to be all the craze these days. VR headsets are most commonly used with video games but they can also be used as simulators and trainers. VR headsets are head-mounted devices that block the user from seeing the outside world and immerses them in a 3D world with simulations of real-life experiences.

These real world simulations allow users to interact and explore the virtual reality as if he or she was actually there. VR headsets allow you to travel anywhere in the world at anytime right from your living room. Virtual reality has been and will continue to develop, which means that real life simulations will only become more advanced and life-like as time goes on.

Nintendo Switch

Most modern technology makes your favorite childhood games and toys things of the past, but companies like Nintendo are giving you your childhood favorites with a modern twist. The Nintendo Switch is a gaming console that connects to your TV via a docking station, but it also can be removed as used as handheld device with a touchscreen.

The Switch not only supports video gaming on your TV, but also supports handheld play, online gaming, mobile apps and more!

Drones Now and Later

Drones are not a new concept, since they have been used by the U.S. military and in cinematography for almost two decades, but advanced drone technology has quite literally taken off recently. The newest drone technology includes GPS and autopilot systems for even more aerial photo and video opportunity. Drones can be used in pretty much any industry. They can serve as surveillance for law enforcement, storm tracking and aerial videography for news channels, crop monitoring for farmers and so much more!

Another drone capability that is currently in the works is automated drone delivery. That’s right, a drone delivering Chinese takeout right to your front door. Drone delivery technology is still in the works but Google recently tested drone delivery at the Virginia Tech campus by delivering Chipotle burritos to students. Although all the aspects of drone delivery haven’t quite been perfected yet, prepare for probably one of the greatest high-tech inventions to hit the market.

The Future of Technology

Technological innovation opens the door for a world of imagination and fulfills our changing needs in this fast-paced world. The power of technology is incredible; we’re able to communicate faster, access information at our fingertips, and helps make day-to-day life more enjoyable. So what’s next for future gadgets? The possibilities are endless.