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Scope and Trends in Cloud Computing Career

Cloud Computing provides on-demand computing resources which may be either data centers or applications on a pay for use basis or a service over the internet. It’s a kind of computing that relies on sharing a group of virtual and/or physical resources instead of deploying personal or local software and hardware. Today, cloud computing is one of the hottest software development trends as it is all about simplifying the lives of users and saving their money.

Some reasons why every business needs cloud computing are flexibility, security, performance, and focusing on the business(companies need not bother about problems associated with backup and physical storage and focus more on their business). AWS is the number one cloud platform today and mastering this technology can help professionals to rapidly rise in their career. Intellipaat is offering the AWS training that is in line with clearing the AWS certification. Intellipaat certification training institute offers industry-designed courses in over 150 tools and technologies.

The use of cloud computing is increasing exponentially within companies and due to this, numerous jobs with cloud skills are also emerging. Many IT professionals are seeing this technology as an opportunity to advance their careers. The demand for cloud computing professionals will be equally high in the coming years as well. This article explains the scope and trends in cloud computing career.

Scope of and Trends in Cloud Computing Career

The worldwide market for cloud computing is likely to evolve at a compound annual growth rate of 30 percent to reach US$ 270 billion through the year 2020, according to the statistics provided by the Market Research Media. To work around the cloud, enterprises require expert IT professionals. The cloud computing industry needs professionals with adept knowledge and training in both managerial and technical fields. There are a range of career paths like cloud developers, cloud engineers, cloud architects, cloud security experts, and so on for the cloud aspirants to choose from. Owing to its popularity, jobs in the cloud computing stream involve high pay packages. Even the entry level jobs are acquiring good pay packages, making this area more lucrative for ambitious professionals.

The professionals seeking a cloud computing career must possess exceptional programming and IT skills. The companies looking for cloud professionals are seeking skills in specific cloud computing platforms such as AWS(Amazon Web Services), Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. So, obtaining AWS training, Azure training, and other specific platform trainings can help you get on track and widen your job possibilities.

Among the specific platform trainings, AWS training is considered to be the most popular one as AWS skills are in high demand and pay top money. After AWS training, acquiring an AWS certification will make it much easier for you to enter the exciting world of cloud computing as companies are preferring cloud professionals who have a certification in any specific cloud computing platform.

When it comes to cloud computing skills, there is a huge gap in the industry. The demand for cloud skills is skyrocketing today but large enterprises and companies are struggling to find the right competencies in the workforce. While companies are seeking cloud computing professionals, there is an evolving demand for professionals who can work in a multi-cloud environment. Several organizations are training their engineers and developers on AWS, Azure, and various other technologies in the ecosystem.

With more certifications available, we will witness Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure get stronger in the certifications market. For large enterprises and SMBs, continuous training and retraining are becoming the biggest challenges as AWS and other vendors are continuously creating new products and releases. With large enterprises operating multiple services on Microsoft Azure and AWS, the capability to map and monitor skills inside their companies, and having strong training programs will be a competitive advantage.

There has been an explosive growth in the number of job postings for cloud computing skills and this is going to increase further in the coming 3 years due to the increasing demand for cloud computing. AWS skills are leading by a huge margin in these job postings, followed by expertise in Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Enterprise IT Architects and Senior Solution Architects are among the highest paid cloud computing jobs this year. The median salary of an Enterprise IT Architect with expertise in cloud computing is $137,957 and for Senior Solution Architect with expertise in cloud computing, the median salary is $132,327.


Today, many institutes are offering AWS training, and AWS certifications are becoming more popular since it is the dominant player in the cloud computing universe. As cloud computing is growing rapidly, taking time to acquire cloud computing knowledge and skills is a wise move. The ultimate way to gain expertise in cloud technologies is through proper and in-depth training. While many IT admins cloud knowledge and skills via training and certification programs, cloud computing is progressing way too fast for those programs to keep up. You have to do the extracurricular work in order to stay ahead of the game. Hence, this explains the scope and trends in cloud computing career.