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New Generation IIoT-ready Controllers Shorten Time-to-Value

Have you ever wondered how to improvise on operational agility in this emerging environment of connectivity pathways? Streamlining production operations is a necessity but a faster response to changing market requirements is the key to cut the competition. For this, modern controllers are being used to streamline production operations and enable localized control capability.

There are numerous advantages present within Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and to provide true value a controller must possess following characteristics.
  1. Sufficient Ethernet connectivity so that production data can be integrated with supply chain, financial, operational and enterprise data.
  2. Enough power so that higher speeds and complex production and analytical calculations are handled.
  3. Built-in cyber security so that benefits of open integration can be enjoyed with less risk of cyber thefts.

Such modern IIoT ready controllers are used by project engineers to integrate open programming environments with the rest of enterprise by using Ethernet connectivity and backplane. This saves the effort, speeds up the time and cut down the cost of deploying a custom code for new installations or processing lines. The controller provides pre programmed software containing comprehensive libraries for common applications.

Case studies show that on deploying IIoT controller time to market is reduced by 25% i.e a three-month automation project will take three weeks to get deployed. Also, assuming there are 120 production hours at USD20000 per hour, a plant can save up to USD2 million at launch. Once deployed, the installations can be easier to maintain, scale and protected from cyber intrusion.

In order to help businesses take advantage of new opportunities, Schneider Electric has pronounced its new high-end Modicon M580 Ethernet programmable automation controller (ePAC). Its core features include reinforced cyber-security through the Achilles Level 2 and ISA Certifications; industry leading-processing and memory, simple and native time stamping solutions; extension of architecture change during the run; and new topology capabilities. Also, the controller’s larger memory and processing capabilities allow addressing complex and demanding processes.

Modicon M580 PAC provides hot standby CPU’s, maximizes uptime, allow online configuration changes without the need of services restart and redundant power supplies to mid as well as high-end process applications.

The measurable industry benefits provided by Modicon M580 PAC include reduced time, improved reliability and sustainability, managed operational risks, improved process efficiency and increased revenue and margins with transparent open network systems.

The new ePAC can modernize existing Quantum and Premium platforms seamlessly without the need of completely changing the system.

All in all, with the use of Modicon M580 PAC, the users can take advantage of new business opportunities, get better connectivity for an automation system, implement automation on greenfield projects, expand operations and shorten the time of process adaptation.