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Digital App Marketplace can help Governments improve Public Sector Operations.

A government digital app marketplace is a digital storefront where a government can showcase its cloud-based applications for general public or internal use. This gives emerging civic technologists and startups a single platform to launch their innovations for a greater good of the society.

The apps could provide novel implementations of the engaging public, having transparent systems, providing alerts and updates about new policies, declaring emergency conditions, providing identify verification, etc. All such applications would be part of one government digital apps store, which will act as one-stop point for all citizens.

Let’s discuss what kinds of apps can be part of government digital marketplace:

1) Financial Transparency Platform App

Government officials are sometimes left clueless when asked for detailed information about state or country’s finances. Limited access to data or less information could be few of many reasons. A financial transparency app can provide details about current government budget or a detailed comparison of previous year’s revenues and expenses with current year. Hundreds of complex spreadsheets can be simplified into readable charts and bar graphs where financial data could be segregated by years, departments, divisions etc. This will save time, improve decision-making, and build trust and engagement with the public sector.

2) Public Sector Employment App

Such an app would help government officials and clerks to manage government body appointments, vacancies, and applications effectively. All jobs could be displayed at one platform where people can look for new openings and submit applications. The app could be developed in such a way to automatically review submitted applications for necessary documents, examination cutoffs etc. Also, it can separate candidates based on their merits and skillsets, and produce visually understandable results for government officials. This will help administration in a getting suitable candidate for a particular post.

3) Citizen Engagement App

This would be an online app where citizens can speak up their mind or cast their votes for specific matters and even contribute to conversations. Such feedback could be taken by government and officials can answer to a public query.

4) Non-Emergency Issue App

With the help of such app, citizens can report minor issues. Government bodies will acknowledge the issue and provide an SLA for resolution. People can report a pot hole, damaged streetlights or concern about stray dogs by posting pictures or tweeting about it.

5) Know Your City App

Most of the time people are ignorant of newly elected city officials, agendas, meetings or update. An app could be a great help to provide alerts for latest happenings in city. A common man can connect with city administration; get local news or memos with accurate legislative data.

6) Collaboration App for Government

This app can act as government’s own social media where officials from various departments can collaborate. Representatives can propose their ideas and get them approved before an official public announcement.

7) Survey App

This app can increase civilian engagement by collecting data via various surveys. The data collected can be further analyzed by government and help in better budgeting, transportation planning, demographics, live poling etc.


There could be countless advantages of a dedicated digital app marketplace for government. The aim to provide services to public sector, making use of technology and digital frameworks will fasten service delivery and transform governance in much better way.

That concludes our list! But don’t think that this is the end as we will see more apps from governments to improve public sector operations.