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uKit : The Website Builder for Business

Many businesses are going online every second while some businesses struggle to get their online footprint. They generally face a brawl with technical details underlying in the basic architecture of the website. So, we browsed the internet to seek a possible solution to this problem and stumbled upon uKit, an intuitive and budget-friendly website building solution for small businesses.

Let us have a detailed look at what we can achieve with uKit’s resources and why one should prefer it over other available website builders.

The Simplicity

Building your own professional website is a very simple process over uKit, all thanks to its simple UI. No coding is required to create a unique website to define your brand. Its site management system, enables users to create industry-specific websites by using the inbuilt adaptive templates.

Also, this code free platform, with drag and drop website management system, 100% mobile friendly layouts and content management system is wrapped in a user-friendly interface. If you are unable to find a suitable template to distinguish your brand, uKit can also build a custom website based on your specifications.

The Technology

Once your website is built, or even if you have an existing website, uKit’s artificial intelligence system can help you upgrade your website according to the latest trends.

The AI system performs an analysis over a thousand other SMB websites and deciphers what suits the best to uKit’s customers. Further, the AI system implements best practices automatically and fix any typical mistakes that come along the way.

Also, this technology is so simple to use that you need mere a single click to make your website follow the web rules. Just enter your website domain in AI link and uKit will do its job of analyzing your website, while presenting before you an upgraded version in just 10 minutes. You can review the result, and, if needed, customize it accordingly and publish on your domain.

The Promotion

When the website is build and reviewed, uKit’s built-in promotional tools will help you analyze if your website is promotion ready or need additional tweaks. Upon going online you can promote your brand with uKit’s help of 30+ tools for promotion and lead generation, and get a dashboard on your website’s performance.


When compared to other available tools, uKit has very flexible packages to choose from. There are primarily three plans but you can have a trial of the service for 14 days before you actually plan to invest your money.
  1. Premium – $4/month
  2. Premium Plus – $8/month
  3. Pro – $12/month


uKit provides stunning designs, numerous responsive templates, connectivity with Google Maps, Google Console and Google Analytics, along with Live Chat support for spontaneous responses to your queries. Further, it also integrates with Ecwid to help you run an online store.

All in all, the utmost necessity is to set up a concrete website from the very beginning as this is the foundation for a business to get in the result set of a local search.