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How to Make & Design An Excellent Logo

Do you want a logo? Do you want your brand stands out? If the answers are “Yes”, then you won’t want to miss the following contents. It’s a step-by-step guideline to design an excellent logo in a minute.

We all know that designing an excellent logo can be a very knotty issue that almost all green hands will encounter. Logo, as the representative of your company, brand, quality so well as your products, can spread spirit and culture to all your audiences, including customers & potential buyers, in an impressive and irreplaceable way. Therefore, making sure you share an excellent logo of your brand is critical to the business success.

What Makes An Excellent Logo

An excellent logo must obey four principles in retrospect of previous successful logo designs. KISS - Keep It Simple “Stupid”, Impressive, Timeless and Creative. You can never make a logo successful with too much information attached.

So keep these principles in mind and move to the logo design process.

How to Design An Effective Logo

It’s best for novices to use some great templates to design an effective logo, then the rest work will become much easier. Therefore, we choose DesignEvo, an easy online logo maker. You can land its homepage @ designevo.com.

Find the button of [Make a Logo for Free] and give it a click. After that a design workshop will show, where you are able to find all choices to design a logo instantly.

Tips: For those people don’t speak English as their first language, or have difficulties in understanding English, DesignEvo also provides viewing choices in Español, Português, Deutsch, 日本語, 繁體中文 and 简体中文. Anyhoo, you can change the display language easily on the bottom of the page.

Step 1: Glance at Logo Templates and Find Yours

Before taking you anywhere else, DesignEvo will firstly demonstrate you a list of its inbuilt logo templates at your first entrance. Here, you can input any keyword and hit [Enter], DesignEvo will display the related logo inspirations for your selection.

Step 2: Add Element & Fine Tune

Give a click at your favored template and let it show on the main design canvas. Now, you may want to search your logo icons and give them a try. Just drag and drop an icon to the canvas, then make some adjustments of the size and the position. DesignEvo supports changing the effect, font, outline, background, and many more. And all these settings can be found on the top bar.

Step 3: Preview & Download

[Preview] gives users an overall insight of the logo design. It’s on the top-right corner and easy to find out. It offers a group of logo views, including printing on a T-shirt, showing on a website, listing on a book cover, etc. [Download] is noteworthy, since there are 3 options here. Free plan downloads a png logo that is no way larger than 500px *500 px. If you hate low-resolution logo, then you have to upgrade to a Basic or Plus plan. To download an SVG logo, you should go Plus plan.

Final Words

To my thinking, DesignEvo is convenient to DIY an effective logo, it’s streamlined, intuitive and efficient. However, if you need a professional logo like Apple and have enough budgets, DesignEvo may fail you somehow. You’d better have a top-designer team for such a logo. Anyway, DesignEvo is just a good logo solution online for normal requirements.