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Importance of Email Validation in Email Marketing

One of the biggest mistake a business owner can do is believe that email marketing is not useful anymore. There are marketers who have given up the email campaign scheme in favor of social media advertising, but they are losing a great deal, because email marketing is three times more effective than social media.

Email marketing involves sending a promotional message or an ad to a subscriber, through email. Many organizations have become aware of the benefits of having an email list, as it is the best way to reach their customers and enhance their relationship with them. Businesses use different techniques to attract their website visitors to sign up for their emails: they offer free e-books or infographics, or a significant discount for their products.

Why does a company need email marketing?

When you start your business, the first challenge you’re confronted with is how to get in touch with people who may need your product. Having an email database is a valuable source of potential customers. It is important that you build your email list correctly and that you don’t add people who don’t want to receive your promotional messages. If you sent email to those people, you would be breaking the law. Many online organizations are not aware that businesses sending unsolicited emails can get in trouble. To avoid being marked as spam or even getting blacklisted, you can use an email validation system. This system removes invalid email addresses from your list, protects your sender reputation, and saves you time and money.

Benefits of email marketing

Once you’ve made sure your email list is verified, you can safely use email marketing:
  1. To improve customer experience –This is the best way for a company to reach its prospective clients and to build a better brand experience.
  2. To reach a large number of customers – email marketing is a way to reach many customers at once.
  3. More efficient than social media – Statistics show that people are more likely to buy a product they see in a marketing email than on social media.

The importance of email validation

For any business, validating email lists is tremendously important. Sending emails costs money, and no marketer wants invalid email addresses in their list. A great email verifier will tell them which accounts are accurate and safe to send to, and will also append missing information to their database, such as the name, gender and location of the email address’s owner. Email verification is the best way to ensure marketing campaigns reach their destination and accomplish their goal.