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AppInstitute - The Right App Maker for Your Business

We have been recently exploring various offerings for a business app platform and stumbled upon AppInstitute during our research. Launched in 2011, AppInstitute is one of the largest app builders that provides cloud-based services and SaaS platform to SMB’s and individuals while focusing on revolutionizing app market. AppInstiute’s objective is to empower individuals and small businesses to have their own time efficient and cost effective app development and management.

AppInstitue is feature rich app maker which gives a user-friendly platform with drag and drop builder, customer relationship management (CRM) functions, complete brand control, and AppInstitute’s premium support. Its flexibility, creative services and several startup awards have made AppInstitute gained its name as “Wordpress for Mobile Apps”.

Let us have a quick look at the details of how AppInstitute can help you build the perfect app for your business.

Highlights of AppInstitute

1) Ease of Use

Once the account creation process is complete, you can have the idea of the know-how of the app editor with the help of step by step instructions. Further, there is no need of having a prior coding knowledge as with the intuitive drag and drop feature and little practice of the editor, you can easily know the steps to quickly develop your own app from scratch. The two different aspects of AppInstitue are the ‘Look’ feature, which helps in describing the overall color scheme and the ‘Build’ features, that helps in designing different components of your app.

2) Design, flexibility, and templates

AppInstitute is a one-stop shop to look for customizable and professionally designed application templates. Each template has a different theme which covers various needs of different genre of businesses. There are different templates for each of the SMBs like restaurants, real estates, coffee shops, medical stores and much more. There are as many as 20 robust modules that can add functionality and flexibility to each of the themes to make them more business-centric. There are functions like in-app calendar, booking systems, maps, loyalty programs, online payment modules, location-based features and other customer-centric convenience modules.

3) Platform support

AppInstitute supports all iOS and Android devices with an on request iPad support.

Features in a Nutshell

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Drag and drop Support
  3. Add and delete functions and also preview features while building the app.
  4. Complete brand control over the app.
  5. Customer support with an extremely responsive and efficient team
  6. Video learning tutorials to aid newcomers in developing their own business focussed app.
  7. No need for prior coding knowledge
  8. Marketing and analytics resources.
  9. Push notifications and CRM to identify customer behaviors.

Final Words

AppInstitute has some of the most required and helpful features that are apt for building a flexible customer-centric app for a budding business. It is a must try before you kick-start your own project. Alternatively, it is can be considered when you are looking for a premium build service for your in-house app development and management or even if you want to partner with AppInstitute as a 'White Label Reseller'.