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Why are Infographics Important for Your Sales?

According to various reports, more than 1.5 billion pieces of content, over 2 million videos, and at least 140 million tweets are created each day. You don’t need to be a genius to see that’s a hell lot of information.

Now, this content explosion brings with it one problem – competition. When there are so many content pieces to choose from, readers tend to become picky. It means that even that value-packed blog might not deliver on your expectations. So, how do you get out of this situation? How do you ensure that your posts are read; that your messages cut through the noise? From our experience, we’d say, start creating infographics!

Infographics are Just Special

A combination of content, data, and graphic design, infographics are visually compelling communication tools that allow marketers to present complex information in captivating graphics.
The following are a few reasons these graphics are exceptional when it comes to marketing;

1. Infographics are attention-grabbing

Humans are visual creatures. We just can’t resist things that appeal to our eyes. In fact, one study found that humans digest visual information four times faster than text data. Infographics are designed to be aesthetically attractive while still carrying tons of information. As such, they guarantee greater engagement. If you can find an experienced infographics design service provider, rest assured of fully capturing the attention of your readers.

2. They demonstrate expertise

Infographics typically comprise tables, graphs, and charts among other information-rich resources. What’s more, the resources usually contain complex statistics and data presented in a simple form. Being able to effortlessly present such in-depth information would make your expertise shine through. Readers will feel that you’re a master in the field and would be more inclined to return and read more of your posts in the future.

3. Infographics pack tons of information in a small space

Often, you’ll find an infographic presenting the findings of an entire research on one page! You could even compress a dozen blog posts into a single infographic. This would not only save costs, but people’s attentions have been shrinking over the past few decades. An infographic would allow you to pass your message in the shortest time possible. Within just one page, you can tell consumers everything they need to know about your new product or service.

4. Infographics are invaluable for SEO

First off, among the many types of content, infographics are some of the most shared. Whether on forums or social platforms, these pieces of content easily go viral. Secondly, infographics are a magnate for outbound links. On average, an infographic gets linked 17 times, whereas a standard blog gets linked four times on average. These two factors can have a massive influence on your SEO. You’ll earn brand authority, get more traffic, and generate a steady stream of leads which you can convert to customers.

To benefit from infographics, however, you need to hire a top developer. Since these content pieces merge so much information, only a professional developer would be able to tie the pieces together to create infographics worth sharing.