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Learn Ways How Instagram Impacts Your Email List

Marketers have a fascination for email marketing. Marketers also have a soft corner in their hearts for Instagram. Even though marketers love both the online channels, on very rare occasions, they have brought these two of their favorites together. As per the statistics provided by Curalate only 14 percent of marketers are actually utilizing social media pictures or visuals in the email marketing endeavors.

Moreover, marketers would be leveraging Instagram content, as per the findings, even less than 3 percent of the times. However, an online retailer experimented recently with utilizing Instagram pictures for driving impressions, as well as, purchases specifically from its email marketing and promotion campaigns. The results of the integration were amazing as they led to seven times boost in engagement.

Instagram pictures are effectively used today for boosting your email engagement. Integrating effectively the two prominent online channels such as Instagram and email marketing would be boosting online brand visibility as also, email relevance right from the beginning. The ROI dividends brought by email marketing are already well-acknowledged, but Instagram's sleek attractiveness introduces a visual element to it all that is tremendously refreshing. Email marketing also drives loyal readers to follow the company's Instagram profile, paving the way for an Omni-channel B2C relationship.

Effective Ways of Using Instagram for Growing Your Email List

Optimizing Your Instagram Profile to Get Email Sign-Ups

The very first measure towards optimization of Instagram to email marketing course is including a bulletproof sign-up form in your Instagram bio within the space meant for a URL. All these forms could be effective in collecting quality leads to boost your brand.

There are several email marketing services that help in creating custom sign-up forms which you could integrate across different platforms.

You must ensure that these forms have the necessary slots for capturing important information regarding the Instagram leads. You could find out about the buying patterns and behavior through a meticulous lead study.

You must provide adequate incentives for tempting potential customers for filling your form. Ensure that you are willing enough to offer and your customers are willing to buy. Things such as promo codes, free download, contests, discounts, and also product samples would be working well. You must not only boost followers on Instagram but also aim at inflating your email marketing list.

Nurture Your Leads Particularly With Relevant Content

Once you are able to get leads, you must necessarily understand clearly their preferences. You need to know about every aspect of all your new consumers at the earliest. You need to be alert and attentive to things such as interests, gender, a recent purchase, location, buying history, and even the patterns before going for a sale. Customers would be expecting stimulating, interactive, and interesting content so you must give them the real, value for money content.


In a nutshell, you must follow a few basic Instagram and email tips. You could be effectively promoting on Instagram all email registrations by using giveaways and contests. You may utilize Instagram imagery for efficiently generating email creative. You may utilize an Instagram hashtag for filtering graphics that are also incorporated into the email simply for customized display.

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings. His latest series of blog posts covers how start-ups and SMEs can organically get more followers for Instagram.