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Top 10 Perks Of Certified Ethical Hacker - CEH V9 Certification

CEH stands for Certified Ethical Hacker and this course is meant to train you about the advanced methodologies one by one that are used by the hackers in the real world. These include activities like writing virus codes and exploit writing plus reverse engineering. The knowledge on the same helps you to protect your corporate infrastructure in a much better way on daily basis against any sort of data breaches.

You will be able to master the advanced network packet analysis which will help you secure the web servers in addition to malware threats, and the advanced system penetration testing techniques that will further help you build the required network security skill set. This will further help you defeat hackers in their own game. Here are the Top 10 Perks Of CEH V9 Certification.

Top 10 Perks Of CEH V9 Certification

CEH v9 Certified Ethical Hacker training as well as certification course makes available to you the hands-on classroom training that further helps you master the similar techniques that the hackers make use of to penetrate into your network systems and apply them ethically so as to protect your own infrastructure. There are much required popular security domains that are focused on by this certification that makes you equipped in the practical approach to essential security systems. All of these will provide you a helping hand and keeping your system safe against any type of threat whether big or small so that there is no malfunction in your projects.

1. Real life experience by Simplilearn

At simplilearn’s CEH V9 Certification course, students are made to encounter the real life experience where they get trained in handling the real life threats that are faced while you work in the actual work environment.

2. Useful and applicable techniques

Useful and applicable techniques of ethical hacking that you are more beneficial in comparison to the automatic vulnerability scans plus the other information security tests. Besides, you are made familiar with handling the tools as well as techniques that are used for undergrounding the hacking.

3. Hands-on network security experience

There is a proper lab intensive set-up that offers an interactive environment and facilitates you with the detailed knowledge in addition to the hands-on network security experience. Apart from this, you get introduced with the most recent hacking technologies.

4. Global recognition

This certification gives you a global recognition in the form of a certified ethical hacker which is appreciated and acknowledged internationally.

5. Enhances career prospects

The certification I known to enhance your career prospects million times. This is known to validate your ability to hack the systems and make you sure of the full proof information security.

6. Enhances knowledge of risk and vulnerability

Cyber criminals are actually the innovators who are constantly discovering new ways so as to attack the IT infrastructure and then exploit the vulnerabilities. In case you fail to have this knowledge then you will not be able to combat the criminals and this certification makes it a point that you are given the same.

7. Gives you vent into criminal mind

CEH certification in a way lets you have the mind-set of the cybercriminal which implies that you begin to think from the criminal point of view. This is very advantageous when it comes to combating the cyber criminals. You get the power to react to the threats and events as and when they happen. You get to think the ways and opportunities that these criminals can consider beneficial for themselves to intrude into your privacy. This ensures that you cross check your security. You can easily counteract their attacks and formulate the required strategies apart from building the proactive approach, that is far beyond the current security strategies as well as policies to pinpoint the areas that might prove vulnerable to the cyber criminals.

8. Must have for penetration testers

CEH certification proves its worth when it comes to the penetration testers. However, it has a worth which is far more than this. It is a versatile certification that is ideal for the IT security as well as the network professionals.

9. Perfect baseline for networking professionals

Networking professional are bound to get the perfect baseline in order to build the cyber security knowledge with the help of CEH. This real-world knowledge that CEH imparts is ideal for you as well as your team so as to secure the network against the cyber criminals. in case you are the seasoned IT security professionals then you will get the value from attaining the CEH. This certification is determined to build your practical network security knowledge which is must have when it is blend with the theory as well as the managerial skills.

10. Boosts your salary

Once you attain this certification that I recognized throughout the industry you are sure to achieve a benchmark with respect to your skills. This will act crucial not only in determining your salary at the first instance but the hikes and promotions that you can enjoy on the second place. You will experience the transition that you go through to get into new and rewarding roles. In comparison to your non-certified peers you are sure to get a salary offer that is far much more than what they are offered.

All in all these are the top 10 perks of CEH V9 Certification. While preparing for the CEH exam, you get to know the trick that how the hackers evaluate your network and then determine the potential target for attack. This certification not only gives you knowledge about the basics of Ethical Hacking but also about the Footprinting as well as Reconnaissance. Apart from this, by the end of the learning process you will be fully equipped with the Scanning Networks as well as the Enumeration. All of these domains are entirely comprehensive and are the basis of the solid foundation for making you understand how the vulnerabilities actually affect the organisations on a daily routine basis.