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Easy & Fast Way to Sync iOS Files to PC without iTunes - WinX MediaTrans

The most common query among iPhone users is "Can I find a way to import documents to PC from iPhone or any iDevice which is not as painful as iTunes?" Well, there is one, which is the most effective and simple way to transfer iPhone files, like photos, videos, and music between iPhone, iPad, and computer without iTunes and it is called WinX MediaTrans.

Post getting a hands-on experience with WinX MediaTrans, we strongly felt that this iPhone/iPad manager understands windows users better than iTunes does. We can’t wait to list down some of its amazing features that makes WinX MediaTrans, one of the best iTunes alternatives in the industry that caters to the needs of iDevice users.


WinX MediaTrans handles media very efficiently and by utilizing hardware acceleration technology it selectively transfer photos from iPhone to PC in a flash. The team has carved many videos showcasing the how-to’s on various functionalities provided by this software, you can have a look at the official guide on how to sync up the data in the below video.

Our favorite functionality is that it supports two-way transfer to transfer music between iOS and Windows OS. This is as simple as copy-paste or drag & drop from one environment to other. This enables to transfer and sync wide variety of iTunes and non-iTunes files to iPhone including photos, videos, movies, music, voice, etc. Further, there is no risk of data/file loss or information leakage.

Manage Music

WinX MediaTrans gives the flexibility to create and modify playlists and sort the songs in an orderly fashion where artist, genre and album information can be rectified in batch mode. This makes it easier to manage music and define playlists for the different moods such as Gym playlist or sleep or running. Also, all the music can be auto-converted to AAC or MP3.

iPhones custom ringtone can also be made, exported and added to the ringtone list and it can be set as caller-specific ringtones of your favorite music albums.

Unchain DRM

One particular MSP about MediaTrans is that all iTunes purchases can be played on non-apple devices as well. This will help you use your legally purchased music, add it in your custom videos or listen on any other device.

With three simple steps, DRM can be removed from music/video and the decoded file will be auto-converted to MP3/AAC/MP4 format retaining the original quality. Thus, giving you the flexibility to enjoy your purchased files on portable devices of your choice.

Here are the tips on how to convert & transfer DRM protected file from iPhone to PC.

iPhone Files Security

MediaTrans helps in encrypting the media files and safeguarding the data against any uncalled circumstances. Strong encryptions including 256 bit AES, 1024 bit RSA, PBKDF2, and Argon2 are available to password protect your data. The data encryption can happen in bulk to multiple files and the encrypted data can also be transferred to any device from an iOS operated device. The encryption techniques used further prevents data from brute force attack and protects the password.

Save iDevice Files to USB

We never thought if our iDevices can ever act as a USB drive, however, WinX MediaTrans makes it possible. The iPhone/ iPad acts as a flash drive to store any kind of files including Docs, Excels, PDFs, iPhone video etc. Now, we have to keep our worries aside of always keeping a USB in our pockets, the iPhone can now take that responsibility! Cool, right?


iPhone/iPad users always seek for a way to painlessly manage their files from phone to PC, be it a transfer or a sync using iTunes. WinX MediaTrans provides very comfortable methods to manage the iPhone data. It provides the user the ability to sync, transfer & converts iPhone files in a hassle-free way and without losing any data or quality in between. There are a couple of iPhone managers in the market but WinX MediaTrans is the only one does not need iTunes or its components and gives the user the flexibility to control their iOS files.

You can feel free to have a quick look at iTunes vs MediaTrans and make an informed decision on which application to use.