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Final Cut Pro Alternatives For Windows OS

Final Cut Pro, the most famous video editing software of today, with a wide range of features is the choice of millions of people all around the globe. With its exceptional qualities and handy features, it’s so far the best video editing software. Final cut pro can make your video colorful, adjust its size, and enhance audio and much more. It is a complete package with all the best options for any video editor. You may be a newbie or a professional, final cut pro is handy for all. But this amazing video editor lacks in only one thing. It is not compatible with Windows and only works for people using MacOS.

Features Of Final Cut Pro

This video editing software works in a very smooth manner and has some really cool and awesome features for all the video editors out there. Some of them are listed below:

• Trimming Video Length

Trimming and adjusting the length of your video has never been easier. Final cut pro can trim and adjust the size of your video with finesse.

• Editing Multi-cam footage

Videos recorded with more than one camera from different angles can be easily assembled with Final cut pro.

• 360 Degree Angle View

It can provide a 360° angle view to your video.

• Color Grading

Final cut pro allows color grading to make your video colorful and attractive to the audience.

• Presets

Even you can add presets to your video and make it very eye-catching and attention-grabbing to the audience.

• Motion Graphics Editing

Final cut pro allows motion graphics templates and editing to your video.

With these amazing Final cut pro features, it has become the most popular video editor around the world. These key features are the core tools to edit any video in an extremely efficient manner.

Alternatives for Final Cut Pro

The incompatibility of Final cut pro with Windows is a big drawback for all the video editors out there. There is some other video editing software as an alternative to Final cut pro which includesMovavi, Avidemux, and Virtual Dub etc. Among them, the best suitable video editing software, with sound tools, available to you is Filmora9 for Windows. Filmora9 video editor is the most accomplished video editing software and has a variety of features available for you. It can work in both Mac and PC, has a lot if various effects and transitions to apply in your videos make it easy to share and is extremely easy in use. It will provide the best video editing experience with all the sound tools available to use. It’s a professional choice for subtly edited videos. Filmora9 with all its amazing features and tools is the best alternative for Final cut pro.

Filmora9 is a one step ahead of Final Cut Pro in providing you access to diversified functions. It offers you:
  1. Split screen
  2. Laying multiple videos
  3. Audio mixing
  4. Easy access to chorma key
  5. Scene detection
  6. Audio separation
  7. Advanced text editing
  8. Much more

Its amazing with costing!

You can have Filmora9 available at comparatively low cost against Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro cost you much more than Filmora9, as you only can have it for the $299 in onetime payment. No trials offered or no other soft payment plans. Whereas Filmora9 offers you 1 year subscription in $39.99 and comes with single PC lifetime license for $59.99 while multi-users lifetime license for 179.97. Overall it costs much less than Final Cut Pro with many of the easy subscription payment options. Moreover, you can get some amazing offers coming this Christmas to get the Filmora9 at the most reasonable cost.


Final cut pro is very handy, convenient and well-designed video editing software. But it does not work with Windows and is restricted to MacOS only. Due to this lacking, the best alternative of Finalcut pro is Filmora9. Filmora9 video editor has all the features covered for you and is compatible with both Mac and PC. In short, Filmora9 is your best choice as video editing software.