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Maximize Earned Publicity with These Tips

You finally got exposure from a well-known blog and publication. All the traffic and conversion that publicity invites is definitely exciting, but how you leverage that is going to determine whether that success is just a one-off thing. Indeed, when it comes to maximising your time in the limelight, your next steps will either reinforce that exposure or waste it. Here are tips on how you can use that exposure to grow your business even further.

Let Everyone in Your Business to Share Your Profile

An effective way to give your company a boost is through social media. You and your employees constantly sharing content from your website is going to get the word out significantly and organically. You can share on all relevant social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even Instagram. Each has their own algorithms to keep track of links and shares, and it determines which content is going to be recommended to their users.

Think about the pool of people you and your associates can reach. Even if you are a small business with 25 or 50 people, each with a significant number of followers or friends, that is another hundred people each to reach out to.

Once the article about you is published, make sure you get to build links around it the same way you do with your other content. Plus, it helps the writer who took the time to write about you since the metric for them is shares.

Push Your Branding Story Online

Now is your time to show people the story behind your brand, content that they will surely connect with. Make sure you are able to tell people the inspiration behind your business, the problems and gaps you want to address, and the vision you have with your brand. Allow them to understand the motivations that drive your business through a series of blog posts, videos, and even interviews. The article written about you is just the first step, so make it count.

Additionally, you will have to evaluate your branding identity again. Is your logo the right visual representation for your company? Choose the right colours and typefaces that customers can retain easily. As for your website, make sure your domain name is your business name or at least relates to it. If you are thinking about changing it, check your desired domain name in the WHOIS database if it is taken so that you can contact the owner and discuss how they can give it to you.

Build Buzz Around the Article

A few days after the article has been published, make sure to build significant buzz around it by scheduling a Q&A or a chat on your social media platforms. Use relevant hashtags so that it feels more like a community engagement. Tag the people you want to contribute in the conversation, like other experts you are on touch with.

Pay for Sponsored Ads

There is nothing wrong about paying for promotion even if it is just for one article. Make sure you get to spread the word significantly and widen your reach by paying for sponsored ads. These are usually low-cost and you can control for how it long it runs.

Make sure you are able to leverage on your earned media publicity by considering to do these tips. You will not just get the attention of a whole new demographic pool but you are also going to show the world why they should follow your brand.