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Four Items of Office Equipment You Can’t Do Without

For anyone who has ever started their own business there comes a time when you move out of a shared office space or out of the confines of your own dining room, and into a real office. All the greats have taken this journey and the reality is that it is a significant step on the road from transforming from a start-up to a real business. Only once you have premises of your own and are seen to be standing on your own commercial feet will people start believing in you as a sustainable and viable company. In moving into your own office what will you need to make it work? Aside from the people and the business plan, what physical items will you need to invest in to make your new space as productive and efficient as possible.

Printing and Copying

We will start by acknowledging that the fax machine is dead. You do not need one of those. But as much as people aspire to the idea of a paperless office it is important to note that there will be a need for printing and copying and you need to ensure that you have a solution for this. As soon as you don’t have a solution of your own you will become aware of how much printing needs to be done. You can’t be popping out once a day to go to the copy shop! Machines can be bought or rented, and the technology now ensures that machines can copy, scan and print all in one. A quick Google search for something like ‘photocopier nz’ should be enough to hook you up with a suitable supplier. Start negotiating from there.


Coffee is the drink of the modern office worker and there are very few offices that don’t have the ability to supply their workers with some good java. At the very worst have a kettle and some instant coffee, but ideally show a little more largesse and go for something fancier. Whatever your budget allows for, make sure that the kitchen is equipped with the basics so staff can make toast and keep their food refrigerated, but splash out on he coffee machine. Your staff will appreciate it and so will you when it comes to pulling those all-night stints that inevitably come with running your own business.

Wireless Router

So many old-school technical solutions are no longer required. Things like servers can be done away with as cloud-based technologies and Google platforms have made it so easy to share files and programmes. But the one thing that is imperative is the ability to connect to the internet and this requires a router. It is simple to set up, but it is a must. You cannot expect your staff to have their own solutions. Provide them with the tools to do their job and you are sorted.


Make sure that your office has something or somewhere that will aid with relaxation. It doesn’t need to be fancy. A foosball table or a soccer ball and a little place to kick. A dart board or a corner with bean bags. Whatever it is, make sure that your office, while a responsible place for work, is also a place that enables our staff to blow off steam if required.