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ITIL Certification Worth the Time and Effort

How much can ITIL certification cost? Is it worth the investment? We all definitely need the answers to such questions before jumping into the ITIL Foundation exam. Have a look at the points below to know the ITIL Certification Cost!

Components of ITIL Certification Cost

There are two basic components that can be included in the certification cost and they include the exam fee and the training cost. If a candidate is planning to take special coaching for ITIL exam then he can add it to the expenses.

Training cost for ITIL may further include study guides and practice tests:

Study Guide

It is not mandatory for an individual to take any professional training for ITIL4 foundation. So the cost on study guide is all about the cost for the self-study guides that include a popular paper-book edition worth $30, which if replaced to any other soft copy study material can further reduce the cost.

Practice Tests

Forgetting certified in the very first attempt, one must have a much-focused preparation that includes solving of various practice papers at the time of self-studies. These practice papers are available online that various websites provide at the cost of $25-50.
To reduce the preparation cost you can go for free sample practice papers also available on the same platform. These practice tests will be useful for you if you have not taken any professional training from ITIL training providers.

Study Plan

The method that you need to follow for your preparation for ITIL is PDCA. That means Plan-Do-Check-Act.

Plan: You have to prepare a study plan that should include a complete knowledge into ITIL, taking practice tests of full-length and answering previous year exam questions.

Do: You have to put the plan in action by taking steps for its successful implementation.

Check: Self-access your score and find the areas of improvement.

Act: Once you have found out the topics for improvement, act accordingly. Revise the entire content, take frequent tests, and review your score until you achieve the target score.

Other ITIL Resources

It is obvious that one always feel anxious when the exams are near, the same is the case with ITIL. You may even feel like taking some more tests to ensure your preparation level or you will like to take a quick revision of the concepts with some precisely organized notes, diagrams or flash cards, etc.

Certification Cost and the Mode of Examination

For taking an ITIL foundation examination you need not go anywhere. For professionals, whose job does not permit them to leave and take the test or the training, the internet has got the solution for them.

Online Proctored Exam

The only requirement for you to take the exam is to have a laptop, a web camera, and an internet connection and you are ready to go. You can sign in to take the test as per your convenience from your laptop anytime. Web cameras come into play when the providers want to proctor you while you are doing the test.

Exam from Prometric Center

You can also schedule your exam at a Prometric center near you. Anyone, whether he/she has taken the training from an ATO or has done self-studies, can opt for this choice. This facility was added in 2018 so that a person can take the test from the centers as well.

ITIL Certification Online

  1. The cost of taking an online certification test is much lower than the classroom mode.
  2. Whereas, the country you are residing in also affects the cost factor for the exam. It may cost around $275 but may be less or more according to the country. For people in the UK, it is £ 200.00 while for those in India it is ₹ 15000.
  3. Classroom session can cost you as high as $2000 at some places.
  4. One can opt for a monthly subscription as well which can lower the cost to $50 per month.

Exam Pattern

ITIL certification is a closed book test with a duration of 60 minutes. The exam comprises of 40 multiple choice questions carrying one mark each. The maximum marks required to pass the certification is 26 out of 40 which comes out to be 65 percent.

These 40 multiple choice questions may vary in the style mentioned below:
  1. Negative questions having a single statement.
  2. Positive questions having a single statement.
  3. Comparative questions having a single statement.
  4. Multiple statement questions.

Registering for the Test

You can simply register for the ITIL Foundation test session on Prometric. For this you need to log in to the Prometric site and follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: On the slider of the home page, you will find an option Schedule My Test. Click on the text.
Step 2: This link will direct you to the page where you will have to select the test sponsor for your ITIL.
Step 3: By clicking on the test sponsor page you will be taken to the product page where all the exams conducted by PeopleCert will be mentioned.
Step 4: Here you need to select on Schedule My Test option on the page.
Step 5: Clicking on the schedule test will take you to the page where you need to select your country. Select your country and click on Next.
Step 6: After this, you will land on the page that requires the registration details. This page also contains the requirements of the things in the testing center. Read the details carefully and click on Next.
Step 7: This will lead to a new page that has information related to the privacy policy. You have to agree to the conditions mentioned on the page and again click on Next button.
Step 8: This page asks for the confirmation whether you are pre-approved for the testing accommodation or not.
Step 9: You need to provide an eligibility ID along with the first four characters of your Last Name.
Step 10: After the validation of all the above-mentioned information, you will be asked to choose the date and time of the examination according to your convenience. Moreover, this page will help you with choosing the date and time from the available options.
Step 11: Your appointment is successfully registered once you fill all the information related to the center and other additional information.

This certification can be helpful for the one who requires a basic understanding of the ITIL frameworks and wants to enhance their IT service management. Despite its higher certification cost, this certification can help the individuals in attaining global recognition.