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8 Tips to Survive Long Layovers in an Airport

Everybody dreads that long layover between flights that might seem to last for eternity. We can all affirm that this is the most annoying aspect of air travel. However, even if you are stuck in a foreign airport, you do not have to let these hours go down the drain. The next time you are unsure about how to whine away the time before your next flight, try one or even a couple of the below suggestions. Before you even realize, it will already be boarding time.

Catch Up On Some Sleep

This might appear like a no brainer, but is a convenient option for passing the time rather quickly as you rejuvenate your body. Surely enough, airports are not some of the most comfortable sleeping environments. However, you can make this a possibility, especially with a travel blanket and pillow. One thing to keep in mind especially when traveling alone, ensure that all your possessions are in safe custody and you also wake up in good time. Some travelers have been left at airports because of oversleeping. Maybe you might keep a foot or an arm on your luggage and set some alarms. In case you need extra security, try to find a friendly passenger on the same flight to wake you up in case you do not hear the boarding call.

Play Some Games

Before embarking on your trip, you can carry some travel-size games. Likewise, with the ubiquity of smart devices, mobile games are aplenty. Download some games from your respective app store on your tablet or phone. This way, you can keep yourself entertained as you wait to catch the next flight. Likewise, your mind becomes occupied and will not realize how fast time passes.

Research Your Destination

During this layover time, you can undertake some research about your destination. This might include details such as places to stay, where to eat, possible places to visit, things to buy, and how to get around among others. You can even confirm hotel and restaurant reservations online. All this information is available on the internet. You can also find some expert tips from seasoned travelers or locals. In case it is a layover on your way home, you can search for the next trip.

Read or Write

Is there any rule that says you can only write your travel journal while at your destination? I do not think so. Use this extra time to include more entries or undertake some catch-up reading on your books and magazines. In the modern world, some activities have long been neglected in favor of tech-based entertainment. However, upon getting started, you will recall how engaging and relaxing they can be. If you are a freelance proofreader or writer, you can offer some online proofreading services in case you get a client who needs your help.

Meet New People

Airports are normally full of people who like traveling and are very much willing to share their experiences. Try to break the ice and strike a conversation with someone next to y9ou at the waiting lounge or the gate. You can get to hear about many different exciting stories while at the airport. You might even get disappointed when boarding time arrives.

Eat or Shop

In major international airports within travel hubs such as Dubai, banco, London or even New York, you will find a plethora of restaurants, bars, boutiques, spas, handicraft shops, and many more. Use this opportunity to do some shopping for a souvenir you can carry back home. Likewise, in case you are in a foreign country, you can sample out the local cuisine within the numerous airport restaurants. However, be careful not to overeat. You certainly would not enjoy feeling bloated during your flight. Likewise, the duty-free shops offer very cheap items that you can sample.


Some airports have fitness facilities. In case you do not need these, you can even try some yoga exercises bring on resistance bands you had in your carry-on for low-profile fitness activities. This will not only kill time but also enable you to burn some energy effectively tiring yourself before the next long-haul flight. You also get to burn out some calories, thus enabling you to indulge in the local treats during your vacation deeply.

Take a Brief Trip Outside the Airport

If you have significantly long layovers and you are adventurous enough, head off the airport into the city and discover more about it. However, it is important to conduct prior research for places to visit within the airport’s proximity and consider the traffic density.

Indeed, long layovers can be extremely excruciating. However, these tips can greatly help you make the most out of them.