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Backlog - Project Management & Bug Tracking Made Easy

Small businesses always look for an online project management tool for its developers that can help them deliver high-quality projects. Nulab, an application development firm founded in 2004, sensed this need and developed a feature-rich software called Backlog, that supports effective communication and collaboration among teams. The founders of Nulab were inspired by the idea of great collaboration amongst team members can result in great deliverables and hence they decided to start Nulab and create products focusing on Software Development needs. Backlog is one of such project management tools resulted out of Nulab’s inspirations for prioritizing and tracking work.

Let's have a quick look at how Backlog can make collaboration easier and enjoyable in a development workflow.

Project Management

Backlog is a great way to replace the legacy spreadsheets and email chains, which create confusion and might take the discussions off topic. Using Backlog, teams can organize, discuss and track work in one place. The tool, with the help of Gantt charts, helps in prioritizing the tasks while helping the user to focus on items that are falling behind schedule.

Backlog provides seamless collaboration amongst teams and provides members the access to a workspace with role-based access control. Its iOS and Android apps enable the teams to create, comment and update tasks on the go and automatically sync with the online workspace.

In addition, Backlog has a feature to create and manage Wikis, which enables you to keep all project details and tasks handy. Wikis can be shared with all project members to access, edit, or download and the team members get notified once the Wiki is updated.

Bug Tracking

Whenever a new code releases, it is always at a risk of creating a bug or throwing an error, but the right tools can help to identify and prioritize these bugs. There are many bug tracking tools available in the market, but Backlog not only tracks and prioritizes them but also seamlessly manage the end to end development of the product. Backlog gives the entire team and managers a high-level view of the bugs in the workflow. The developed application can be explored in detail, which gives team members a holistic view of software history including all bug fixes.

Task Management

In simple words, Backlog keeps the tasks organized by breaking down tasks and letting one organize, discuss and track work in one place. Setting up due dates help users to stay on top of the deadlines and easily identifies the person responsible for the tasks. Also, the developers get a clear picture of tasks assigned to them, the deadlines and the future tasks.

Version Control

The code changes are tracked easily because of Backlog’s seamless integration with GIT and SVN. One can also, propose & compare changes, comment on pull requests, keep track of commits, and document the project details.

Secure File Sharing

Large to small files can be shared easily among team members with the help of Backlog. From design documents to legal documents, backlog gives the flexibility to store large files on Cloud and share them across teams or members.

Backlog can be customized to fit each project needs in a different way by supporting integration with other products on Nulab as well as its Android and iOS supported apps. Currently used by 1 million users around the globe in more than 50 countries, Backlog is helping businesses to track their progress in real-time thus ensuring transparent communication with teams, stakeholders and clients. Its integration with Git Hub and SVN and other features like tracking bugs, monitoring code changes, versioning, private repositories and secure code hosting on the cloud, keep teams’ on track all the time.

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So why wait? Keep the teams’ uptime at 100% with Backlog!