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Top 5 Skill Building Community Every Programmer Needs To Follow

When someone hears the word ‘programmer’, all they imagine is a super-smart guy who can hack into any alien system in the world, which is far from reality. I mean sure, they can hack into an alien system from any galaxy but being the smartest will not always help. Anyone can be a programmer but being a programmer takes years of effort and hard work. The learning should be dynamic and constant because how else will you stay up-to-date with the latest techs? And here in comes communities and platforms which are really important for any programmer. It is really important to get a feel of online communities if you want to break the barrier and go from a good coder to a great coder. So, without further ado, let’s list the best skill-building communities every programmer needs to follow ASAP.

The Best Skill Building Websites For Coders/Programmers as of 2019:

Stack Overflow

Undoubtedly the Bible for every coder. Stack Overflow is undoubtedly the biggest community on the internet for programmers and coders alike. Geared towards intermediate and professional coders rather than amateurs and beginners, this platform gives you a wide range of access to a plenitude of questions and answers. Be it issues on software testing, bugs or solutions to algorithms, this platform is highly active and brimming with knowledge from super talented coders. If you are looking to interact with other developers in the software development community, this is your Shire and you will find all the happiness in the world.


The world’s largest platform for software developers to collaborate and share their codes, it was acquired by Microsoft in October 2018. It still continues to work independently. Why GitHub? Because when you or any other developers create something (for e.g, an app), you need to make constant changes to the code. GitHub is a hosting service for version control using Git. Version control systems keep the changes to the original and subsequent codes, storing the modifications in a central repository. You not only collaborate but also learn a lot of new skills because every developer can see these changes and contribute.


As they claim, Hashnode is a website built by developers for developers. A network for software developers where they can discuss technical problems and share solutions and socialise with developers from every corner of the world. You can collaborate with others, discuss projects, share what you’ve learned, get career advice, and provide feedback. They are known for their non-toxic, friendly culture. In their own words, “Hashnode is a place for all software developers and technocrats who keep interest in programming.”


Kaizala’s new group looks extremely promising for tech developers. The group is full of product developers from around the world and especially from Microsoft. Considering that you will get advice and help from some of the best tech developers in the world, this is probably one of the most intimate groups ever. Kaizala has been growing steadily in the last few months, and being used by organizations. And the group itself has evolved as one of the best communities where you can develop skills and learn a lot through a peer-based network.


With over 1 million members, this is one of the largest groups on the internet. It serves everyone, right from beginners to advanced programmers. You can ask anything informative, get access to tons of information and resources and algorithm solutions. The language does not matter. All that matters here is your thirst for learning and knowledge. This is our go-to forum for quick solutions and answers along with Stack Overflow.

Having listed all of that, do remember that forums exist to help you, not spoon-feed you. Do not violate the rules and do not take anyone for granted on these forums because most of these are geared towards learning and development, not to serve you whenever and whatever you want. And most of the posters and beginners fail to realize this very important concept. Happy learning and skill building!