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Top Tips for Beginners In C#

C# is the fourth most popular programming language in the world. What makes C# so popular is the fact that it was developed by Microsoft and gets updated often, with new functions added regularly, making it a very useful and efficient language for software developers.

C# was designed with beginners in mind. Since this programming language has a large number of functions in simple English, getting a C# certification is relatively easier.

Let’s look at the top beginner tips you can use to familiarize yourself with the language:

1. Use Inline logics

This will evaluate and return the result in a single line.

a) Ternary Operator

Generally, for conditional statements if ‘else’ block is used, it makes the code quite lengthy. However, C# is equipped with a ternary operator which shortens the code by a large extent.

b) Null Coalescing Operator

For returning null values normally, the ‘if else’ operation is used. But to make the code shorter in C#, the null coalescing operator can be used as it will give the output in a single step.

2. Avoid too many variables

The usage of too many variables makes the code rather messy and confusing. If another software developer looks into your code, it will definitely be difficult for them to understand if there are too many variables. A better method is to inline the variables and make it crisp.

3. Use deferred execution while writing LINQ queries

When ‘LINQ’ occurs (called deferred execution), the query gets executed over and over again. To prevent this, it is necessary to change the ‘LINQ’ result to list after execution. This prevents any kind of repetition.

4. Use the Binaryreader and Binarywriter

In order to read and write discrete data in a compact binary format, the Binaryreader and BinaryWriter can be used. This also shortens the code that has to be written.

5. Use String Interpolation

In the older versions of C#, string concatenation and string placeholders were used to insert dynamic values at runtime into a ‘text string’. String concatenation, however, always creates a new object of string, thereby affecting the memory management. But, with regular updates, a new feature called string interpolation has been introduced which makes this process simpler and more efficient.

6. Absorb the exact stack trace

If a fault has occurred in the catch block when ‘Connect Database’ method is used, the thrown exception stack trace indicates that the fault has occurred only in the RunData Operation, thereby resulting in loss of the exact source code. This can be prevented by absorbing the exact ‘stack trace’.

7. Methods and classes should not be too heavy

When most of the focus is on the functionality of an application, incorrect design of the application may occur in case it is large. In order to prevent this, a clean architecture is required, that is every class and method should be assigned only those tasks which they have to perform and not other mundane tasks.

8. Proper casting must be done

If two incompatible objects are cast together, the program crashes. This can, however, be prevented if the casting is done using the ‘as’ operator as it results in a null output.

Uses of C#

Despite its simplicity, C# can be used for creating a wide range of desktop apps, web apps, and mobile apps. Since C# works on the .NET framework, it supports all kinds of integrated development environments.

C# can be used in various applications. This programming language is also used for writing applications in embedded systems. Along with creating website applications, C# is also used by Unity (which develops most of the commercial games in the market today) to develop games.

A major advantage of writing in C# is that it has excellent memory management along with garbage collection, making it much better than its competitors. This programming language also supports ‘Generics’ and ‘Templates’. C# is also type safe, which means that any code that is written will not be lost.

Master C# with a Professional Course

While our tips will certainly make your learning curve easier, it is always advised to opt for a professional C# course to help you build a good foundation. It will help you familiarize yourself with the language step-by-step and help you learn in a more organized way. Boost your CV by taking a professional C# course today!